Larchmont Manor Park – Larchmont NY 10538

Manor Park Gazebo in Larchmont NY 10538Manor Park, in Larchmont is a gem for those who enjoy water views and a nice walk.  Unlike the Rockefeller Preserve, where wildlife rules, Manor Park is  has manicured paths and wonderful plantings. The imppecibly  maintained masonry walls that separate the Park from the Long Island Sound, along with the stone benches built right into them flow almost seamlessly with the natural rock that has been smoothed by the flow of water.

The park was established in the 1870s. The Larchmont Manor Park Society was established in 1892 to maintain and preserve the park and is active to this day. Indeed, the society recently was responsible for   a $1 million capital improvement program. The park initially included 6 acres and has expanded to 13 which includes Manor Beach.  The park remains privately owned by the local residents but is generously  open to the public year round from dawn to dusk.  You can job, walk, stroll sit and enjoy the sights, read a book and walk your dog.  Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after.

I spent part of an afternoon in the park just recently.  Jade and I walked the length of the park.  As usual, Jade was an attractant to kids, adults and dogs alike.  She met several new canine friends and enjoyed watching the boats and the waves.  She is unaccostomed to waves and was quite surprsied that the water was salty.  I had a fresh drink awaiting her – so no dogs were harmed or allowed to go  thirsty during the course of our photo shoot and walk.

For more photos visit my photo-stream on Larchmont Manor Park on  Flickr.

Larchmont Manor Park Collage© 2009 Ruthmarie G. Hicks –  All rights reserved.

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