Zachys Wine & Liquor – Scarsdale NY

Zachys-Scarsdale WineZachys Wine & Liquor is a famous Scarsdale Landmark:

Located on 16 E. Parkway in the heart of Scarsdale Village Zachys Wine & Liquor is a landmark unto itself.  They are in their 65th year and anyone who knows anything about wine, knows Zachys.  Wine affectionados come from all over to shop there.  They host exclusive and wine tastings.  For example, the most recent was on Saturday with a big Italian wine tasting.
In truth, I was more than a little intimidated. I was certain that someone who knows something (but not a lot) about wine would be in well over their head walking into such such a famous place.  Not so at all.  They were actually very patient and helpful.  As I was wondering through the maze of bottles I had started to feel a bit lost and a staff member rescued me and helped to find exactly what I was looking for.  They weren’t the least taken aback that as a hard-working real estate professional – I wasn’t in the market for a $200 bottle of wine.  In the end, they found a nice Zinfandel that suited my taste and my budget.

If you want to explore further, the best option is to take the time to go there.  They also have an excellent web site which I found informative and fun –

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