Surreal Spring in Westchester – Photos from Mamaroneck Ave – White Plains NY

Mamaroneck Ave - Gedney Farms - White Plains NYSurreal SpringThis has been a most unusual spring.   It’s been up to 80 and down to 30 degrees all within the space of a day or two.  We had a “hurricane without a name” that caused untold damage.  But  over the past few days we have had the most brilliant and colorful blossoms against a  background of dark cloud cover.  The light filters through the dark clouds creating an eerie and often surreal effect.  The bright spring greens and pink blossoms against the gray sky is haunting.  I finally had my camera on me.  These photos were taken in White Plains NY on Mamaroneck Ave – on the outskirts of Gedney Farms.  Years ago, White Plains Beautification  planted cherry trees along the median of the main road in White Plains.  These trees extend from the Southern tip of White Plains to the beginning of the downtown area where the median disappears.  The result is a very colorful entry point to the city for a few weeks each year. Enjoy the pictures.  I’ll be taking more!

Mamaroneck Ave - Gedney Farms - White Plains NY

© 2010 Ruthmarie G. Hicks –  – All rights reserved.

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