Remembering Our Veterans on Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day I think it is fitting that we take a look at how our Veterans are fairing.  After all, we have been at war for nearly 10 years and many serving our country  have been on multiple deployments.  Sunday Candy Crowley of CNN addressed Veterans issues in depth on her show “The State of the Union”.  She had several segments on Veterans affairs – two of which I have embedded on this post.  These interviews revealed some shameful facts:

1. Suicide rates among veterans returning home run higher than mortality rates on the field.

2. It can take in excess of one year for Veterans to receive the benefits that they need.  What they are supposed to do in the meantime baffles me. But that might well explain the suicide rate above.

3. The unemployment rate for Veterans – specifically young veterans is a staggering 27%.

In a fair, just and moral society this is just simply unacceptable.  We need to do better.  So remember, if you an employer and you are in a position to be hiring – consider a Veteran.

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Remembering Our Veterans on Memorial Day



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