Fotos on the fly: It’s Halloween!

Larchmont NYHere are a few photos I have taken along the way over the past week or so  while running around the county.  Most were taken with my iPhone – as they really WERE on the fly while I was working with clients.  But its fun to see what people are doing. Halloween has become such a fun holiday in Westchester  that its getting up there with the 4th of July in terms of internet searches.

In any case – enjoy the pics…

The photo below was taken at Coffee Labs in Tarrytown.  After a long day I decided to indulge in a latte and this is just as sample of Jefferson’s terrific Latte art.

Coffee Labs - Tarrytown ny








Sometimes  people protest in their own unique way.  As the FASNY issue has escalated in White Plains and signs such as FASNO are springing up all over the place – some have a real sense of humor… I took this phto one night while walking the dogs.

WHite Plains NY


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  1. Monarch at Ridge Hill

    These are such great pictures, Ruthmarie! It’s so great to see a little bit of Holiday spirit, no matter the holiday. Also, we’re going to have to go to Coffee Labs, wonder if Jefferson could make a Monarch for us!

  2. Ruthmarie Hicks

    Hi Monarch – If anyone can – Jefferson can do it. I just posted fun stuff that I saw around. The iPhone is great for the spontaneous shot here and there. This is a fun time of year.

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