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Dream Home – Penthouse Edition 2014 – The Ritz Carlton of White Plains…

DreamHouse30 -SmallWestchester has many fall traditions.  It is famous for them.  Like the historic Hudson Valley Jack O’Lantern blaze, and Horseman’s Hollow, Westchester Magazine has created its own unique fall tradition: the Westchester Magazine’s Dream Home.  This year we have the “Penthouse Edition” at none other than the ultimate luxury complex – the Ritz Carlton in downtown White Plains NY.

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Another housing bubble or simply supply and demand….

Real Estate IssuesNAR just  released its housing report for Q4 2013 and I found some great information from the KCM blog regarding national and regional numbers.  If you ever watch talking heads on CNBC or any of the other presumed experts, your head is probably spinning  because everyone has a different take and every new report adds to the general chaos of data an numbers. But when I saw the numbers, the picture became a good deal clearer.

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Fotos On The Fly – real Estate Photography – slide shows & video – less is more…

I’m sure that every agent worth their license has been hearing that good photography helps to sell a home.  This, I know to be true as someone who was a real estate agent before morphing into a photographer.   Buyers pour over photographs and will reject a perfectly suited home sight unseen if the photography is not up to snuff.  I have had to drag people kicking and screaming  to listings that I knew were perfect for them because they were turned off by poor photography.

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Fotos On The Fly – Making A Grand Entrance – Part 2

19 Tyler - Entry3 - SmallOne of the best ways to photograph an entry way is portrait style through the front door. Of course this will only work if the entry is in the proper configuration to stand out from in its best light from the entry. But it is generally one of the first shots that I try.

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Real Estate Photography – Making A Grand Entrance – Part 1

Home Entry - SmallSome homes have amazing entry areas while others have spectacular architectural features in spite of a rather uninspiring entry. This is a case of “when you’ve got it, flaunt it!” An impressive entry should always be photographed with care. As a general rule, I take a large formal entry from several angles because sometimes I find that something I didn’t think would work so well surprises me into being a winning shot.

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Real Estate Photography – Photographing Condos & Coop Common Areas…

1 Franklin - Lobby1-SmallWhen buyers look at a condo or cooperative complex, they are buying more than the unit, they are buying the lifestyle.  How the common areas are presented online and in brochures can really have an impact on overall interest.   Naturally, if your buyer craves a sleek modern look, the ornate detail of an Art Nouveau is going to attract them.  But on the other hand it may win over a buyer who loves pre-war architecture and moldings.  Buyers do tend to purchase a house or condo that feels “right” for them.  Certainly something like the entry, even though it is a common area plays a role in those overall feelings regarding the complex.

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Update on the Gedney Farms neighborhood of White Plains – Pricing & Trends

Gedney Farms White Plains NYGedney Farms is a beautiful neighborhood with large rolling lawns and ample lot size. It’s a very quiet and private community similar to some of the finer neighborhoods of Scarsdale and Larchmont but without the steep price point.

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Market Update – Scarsdale Manor Cooperative of Garth Road – The Bull Market Returns….

Scarsdale ManorAfter years of bad news in the housing market, a corner has been turned.  The cooperative complex of Scarsdale Manor  on Garth Road in the Scarsdale PO is an example of such a turn around.   This popular pre-war cooperative complex suffered from the malaise with slow sales and decreasing prices.  Things are now leveling and we appear to be well on our way to healthy price increases.

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Fotos on the fly – Carlson’s Floral & Gift is ready for spring…

Flowers - Carlson's White Plains NYIts Passover and Holy Week and even though it is spring, it feels like winter still.  We were supposed to have snow on Monday, but thankfully we were spared. In any case, Carlson’s Floral & Gift is ready with flowers, arrangements and all sorts of wonderful arrangements for your home and garden.   Just a walk-through is enough to fill your mind with wonderful ideas for your home and garden….

And if you are thinking about selling your home, curb appeal is key and a few arrangements artfully placed can make all the difference in the world.  Its an inexpensive way to spruce up ho-hum landscaping.

Happy Spring – even though winter still appears to be with us!

Carlson’s is located on Dobbs Ferry Road on Route 100B near the ramp for the Sprain Brook Parkway.

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A picture is worth a thousand words – or at least between $1000 – $18,000…

This is a topic that I have brought up in the past.  In 2010 Redfin did a study that got a lot of people riled up.  It was about the impact of professional photography on home sales.  I think it riled up agents and brokers because at the height of the housing recession, the last thing they wanted to hear was that they needed to fork up precious marketing dollars for professional photography.

Real Estate Photography Matters!

However, let’s be honest here:  the study was pretty much stating the obvious.  It was something that I had intuitively known for several years and had been preparing for.  The internet changed everything.   Eye candy was ruling the day and fine photography  had become the centerpiece of any smart agent’s marketing plan.  That agents were slow to respond is understandable.  They had been doing Poleroid shots, followed by point-and-shoot for years.  What they were underestimating was how much buyers were letting their fingers do the walking online.  With thousands of listing photos online, buyers were eliminating inventory before even leaving the home or contacting an agent.

The Argument Over Data…..

Agents argued the validity of the data.  I personally have never been a big Redfin fan, but in this case they had really tried to find a way to measure something that was very difficult to quantify. The method was somewhat indirect.  They had to quantify the use of professional photography by the use of camera type.

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