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Fotos on the fly: It’s Halloween!

Larchmont NYHere are a few photos I have taken along the way over the past week or so  while running around the county.  Most were taken with my iPhone – as they really WERE on the fly while I was working with clients.  But its fun to see what people are doing. Halloween has become such a fun holiday in Westchester  that its getting up there with the 4th of July in terms of internet searches.

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Fotos on the Fly: Camouflage in nature…

Today I was reminded that nature sometimes clothes it creatures in the most remarkable ways.  I was at the Dog Park at Kingsland Point Park and was admittedly on poop patrol – cleaning up after my dogs.  While I was looking in the brown leaves on the ground…one of the leaves suddenly started hopping along the ground.   There it was ….. a tiny frog….so well camouflaged that I would never have seen it if I hadn’t been really focused on the ground.   I only had my phone camera – but here it is…can you even see my little amphibian friend?

Camouflage - Sleepy Hollow NY

© 2011 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.

Just for Fun – Simon’s Cat – A great You-Tube Channel….

Sometimes you  run across things that are just too cute not to share.   I want to thank my cousin Janet  for putting this video up on YouTube because I have never run across this channel.  Most people know me to be a dog person.   I don’t have cats because although I like them – they don’t like me.  Allergies 🙁   But the videos really seem to capture the feline personality.   The second video makes me wonder what’s behind my refrigerator.  I haven’t been back there in a while.  Hmmm…. I sense a chore in my immediate  future…..

For those who like these videos  here is the link – Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield.



Real Estate for Robber Barons…a new show for HGTV

This post is inspired by Tni LeBlanc  who wrote about getting a steal of a deal  in real estate today   In her post she suggested that HGTV might want to take this one up….

So I have a proposal for HGTV – Let’s create  a show entitled The Real Estate For Robber Barons Challenge   By turning it into a competition we can create criteria for the best Robber Baron.  Think competition like Design Star with the ruthless cut-throat edge of The Apprentice.

Each week contestants need to find a distressed seller who is willing to sell their home for a fraction of its actual value.  The ability to achieve this is based on  the contestant’s capacity to con  the seller to ignoring  the basic principles of mathematics,  common sense  and their own best interests.  The contestant  then creates almost instant profits  via the the slum Lord route or by flipping for an obscene profit. This is all done with minimal seed money that the contestants saved in a cookie jar over a period of six months.

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My Sidekick on the Road – Jade…

Real estate agents are known to spend a lot of time on the road.  I am no exception.  My car is my second office  and depending on what I am doing on a given day – I sometimes bring along my social secretary, and friend – Jade.  I have two other dogs but they are not what you would call great work companions.   They are lively and  active and a real blast – on a hike or any other doggie adventure –  but not at work.  Jade, however,  is so mellow and relaxed that bringing her along actually makes the day run more smoothly.  Gentle and quiet – and a bit shy, she makes any trip – work or otherwise – more fun.

Today  was cool and comfortable.  So Jade tagged along when I went out in the late afternoon….I was taking some photos quickly and when I came back to the car to put my camera away – there she was – apparently she had been tracking me and was looking out the back window…..I actually was able to grab a quick shot….since I already had the camera handy…

© 2011 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.


Freaky Friday – Snake about town – a.k.a. the Bronx Zoo Cobra is a Twitter sssssenssssation…

Snakes AliveEvery once in a while someone does something very clever on Twitter.  The Bronx Zoo cobra has done just that – telling of her exploits while traveling NYC.

For those who  have literally been hiding under a rock with their pet cobras – The Bronx Zoo reported a missing female Egyptian cobra.   Until last night she was out on the town and having a great time according to her twitter page. Within days she had almost 222,000 followers….Wish I was that popular – but then I don’t lead nearly as an exciting a life as she does…..

If you want to follow Bronxzooscobra follow the link.  Meanwhile – here are a few entries….

If you see a bag of peanuts inexplicably moving along the ground at Yankee Stadium today. Just ignore it. It’s probably nothing.

Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle sells organic mice?

Getting on the ferry to Ellis Island. Let’s hope this goes better than that time on the plane.

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Confessions of a smart-phone addict…

Smart Phone EnvyRight now I’m suffering from  smart -phone envy. Since my robbery of three weeks ago – I have been sans much of my smart-phone capacity.   The police are holding my sleek new iPhone captive  as “evidence.”  And getting that phone back has become something close to an obsession.  The old phone that a resurrected was not in great shape.  the battery drains fast, but it charges slowly.  The letters aren’t allowing me to type messages.  On a good day I can read my email but can’t answer it.  For a real estate agent spending time on the road – it makes me want to tear my hair.  Horror of horrors – I’m taking the laptop and searching for WiFi to plug into the internet.   I knew things were getting out of hand when I felt insanely jealous of a client receiving and opening an email while I was showing homes.  Its amazing how addicted I have become to a piece of technology that I have only possessed for a little less than three years.

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Fotos On the Fly – Westchester NY – Siberian Husky Heaven???

With all the shoveling and salting –   this crazy winter has managed to load me with so  much extra work that I didn’t get the chance to show just how much my huskies are enjoying the weather.  To be honest, I’ve been too busy grumbling about  how much shoveling I have to do and whining about my aching shoulders.  But my dogs have an entirely different take on this weather than the rest of us.  Although this season has been rough on people, its kind of amazing to see these guys in what is as close to their natural habitat as we are going to get unless I move next door to some Emperor Penguins.  They truly love and really built for the snow!

Jade & Tundra White Plains NY in snow...

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Fotos On the Fly – Tundra

TundraPeople often ask me about my dogs.  As some of you may know, I have three dogs.  An older dog named Buddy (I take no responsibility for this name – he was a rescue)  who is part Siberian Husky and part Cattle dog – we think.   He’s now 14 but in great shape with bright blue eyes.  He’s the glue that holds – or herds his pack together.  Jade is my six year old Siberian Husky. Quiet and mild mannered – she sometimes accompanies me on showings when buyers bring their own cars.  Over the years I have had a cohort of buyers who find her to be a soothing presence and they indeed ask me to bring her along.

Tundra is the youngest.  There is always a mover and shaker in any group and in our little pack – Tundra fills that role. If there is a roll of toilet paper extending all through the house – it is a fair guess that Tundra is responsible.  Anytime something is missing from my kitchen counter it is generally due to Tundra’s good offices.   In any case, a few weeks back I was able to snap the great shot of my “problem child” Tundra which you can see to the right.  Its tough catching a “moving target” in a good pose, but this was one worth sharing.

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For Dog Lovers Everywhere – Dog O’ Lanterns

Some things just come across my desk or into my email in-box that are just too cute not to share.  This is one of them.  They didn’t have a Siberian Husky, but I can forgive them for that because the dog o’ lanterns that they created were just amazing – particularly when put next to the “source of their inspiration.”

©2010 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.

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