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Today we mourn and express our condolences….

No Christmas lights for me today.  I had a topic all picked out for a post today.  But given the tragedy of the events in Newtown CT, a town not more than about 35 to 40 minutes away from my own home in the south end of White Plains, anything I was planning to write – no matter how useful, would seem almost foolhardy.  So, like many other bloggers, working in many different venues, this day will be devoted to the Newtown shooting.

Since  I’m not a mother, I will not pretend for a minute to understand how the parents of the young victims must feel.  It is just such a violation of the natural order of things, that the grief is beyond my personal comprehension.  Unless you have walked in these people’s shoes, there is really no way that any of us could understand what they are going through.     These young lives were snuffed out before their lives had even begun.  It was senseless, cruel, and worse – very possibly preventable.  All we can do is offer our condolences and so that these families know that we have them in our hearts, minds and prayers.  That is the best we can offer.

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The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – Don’t look too closely…


Rarely do I present political views on this blog.  I also do not tend to write about my personal feelings too often.  But on this 10th anniversary of 9/11 – I will share some of my thoughts.  If some find this offensive – so be it.   For those who don’t like the progressive mind – please stop reading right here.  I will not change your mind nor will you change mine – so there is no point in starting a food fight.  This is a reflection of an uneasiness that I have had about our nation over the past 10 years…that unease has increased because I fear that we may no longer be a great nation.  Powerful – yes, but greatness is often confused with power – and there is where I feel we have lost our way.

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