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For Sale in Mount Kisco NY 10549 – 25 Barker Street #201 – A 2 BR/2.5 BA Townhouse

25 Barker Street - Mount Kisco NY 10549The Bottom Line:

  • Asking Price: $349,000
  • Common Charges:  $348/month
  • Property Taxes: $4578 without STAR savings.

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Update on Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY

Lookout Building - Hudson Harbor - Tarrytown NY

Lookout Building - Hudson Harbor

Over the past couple of years, I have been tracking the progress of Hudson Harbor  which is located right on the Hudson River against a major portion of the Westchester’s Hudson River Walk.   This development is a combination of luxury townhomes as well as condominium flats. Interspersed between the town homes will sit a complete community including shops and dining – creating  complete mini-community on the Hudson River.  Included in this package is a complete fitness center, a large out door pool both for residents only as well as guest houses for residents who have visitors.

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Market Update – The Ritz Carlton White Plains NY

All buyers looking at Westchester condos for sale know about the Ritz Carlton of White Plains NY.   Among White Plains NY Condos for sale  the Ritz Carlton is at the pinnacle on the luxury scale.  Just a block from City Center  (1-5 Renaissance Square)  the Ritz Carlton is at the center of everything.   Getting much closer to the center of town would be difficult.  You can easily leave the car behind and walk to shopping, fine dining, entertainment and the train.


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Fotos on the Fly – NYC Skyline from Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY

One of the most exciting new construction developments is Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY.   I’m not normally a big fan of modern architecture, but I have to say that I really love the construction of this complex with its use of fieldstone and old wood beams.  They made it look like Stone Barns which is quite an accomplishment.  But what really makes its special are the views.

So after we saw the development, I went for a walk on the RiverWalk that runs right behind the complex.  (The complex – now in Phase II is right on the river.) and took some photos.  Basically I started with a wide-angle lens and moved to  a tele photo.

The first picture is of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  The Manhattan skyline can be faintly seen under the bridge with the wide angle. The second picture was with a zoom lens – it gives you a perspective of where the Manhattan skyline is in relation to the TZ bridge.  The final was when I zoomed in on the skyline itself.  I’ve taken photos from this perspective before, but it was such a clear – if blustery  day, that the skyline really “popped” particularly with the color of the sky.

Hope you enjoy these – they were fun to take.

Hudson Harbor Tarrytown NY - RiverWalk


NYC Skyline from Tarrytown NY Hudson Harbor



NYC Skyline - Tarrytown NY - Hudson Harbor

© 2012  - Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.

Update on Trump Tower of White Plains NY

Trump Tower White Plains NyTrump Tower White Plains NY – is one of the buildings that dominates the downtown White Plains skyline.  It was the first of the high rise complexes to go up in the city and it was the tallest building in White Plains until the Ritz made its appearance at the end of 2007.  As far as White Plains condos go, Trump ranks among the most luxurious.  This is one complex people are always asking about.  So I’m giving an update near the end of the 3rd quarter in response to all the questions about Trump and the Ritz.  For more information, you might want to visit my web page for Trump Tower   which has more information than will be presented here.

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Update on the Ritz Carlton of White Plains –

The Ritz Carlton - White Plains NYThe Ritz Carlton White Plains represents the pinnacle of high-rise luxury in downtown White Plains, not to mention the county of Westchester.  As far as White Plains condos are concerned, it doesn’t get any more luxurious than this!  Located in the heart of the downtown area, it is just steps from some of the finest dining, entertainment and shopping that  Westchester has to offer.  Lets not even get started on the amazing amenities the Ritz offers – and the views on the higher floors are simply breathtaking. You can get Manhattan, the Long Island Sound and everything in between in one massive panorama. Being just 33 minutes from midtown Manhattan is the icing on the cake.

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Pets and the economy – A Plea to Westchester’s Condo and Coop Boards…..

It seems as though every single day I hear another story about pets being put into shelters as a result of the sour economy.  These may not even be foreclosures, but may be families forced to scale back from a single family home to a condo or coop.  You guessed it – the condo or coop nixes the pet.  This is particularly hard on our canine friends and I’m getting e-mails and pleas almost daily begging people to spare their beloved pet from the animal shelter.  Most of the time it is to no avail and many of these wonderful companions are put to sleep.

In the meanwhile – I’m seeing condo after condo and coop after coop nixing dogs.  Complexes that were once an oasis for those in need of a home that will take their beloved dog have put up MORE restrictions not less.  The same holds for rental complexes.

Westchester Condos & Coops & Pets:

I’m going to be very blunt.  Westchester condos and coops  are about the MOST pet UN-FRIENDLY places imaginable.  Manhattan, Riverdale, most of the Bronx, Queens and Fairfield county are ALL more flexible than Westchester are all more pet-friendly than Westchester.  Personally, I’m sick to death of seeing – “no restrictions” chaining to “restricted weight” or “no dogs.”  We already have a crisis I think it is unconscionable  that complexes are making this matter worse.
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What’s up with the listings at Trump Tower White Plains?

Trump TowerLate last week, I logged onto the MLS and received quite  a surprise.  No less than 10 new listings at Trump Tower and an additional 3 new listings at the Ritz Carlton.  Some were at very competitive prices.

So what gives?

Did 10 families living at Trump suddenly say “I’m outta here?”  No. All save one of these listings trace back to Mr. Cappelli’s headquarters in Valhalla.  The last units that have not been sold are on the market now.  Most of these units were on the market at various times over the past four years.  This time, the asking price has been reduced significantly.  They range from $565k – $1.449 million.

The Downtown White Plains Condo Market:

Added to the 10 listings already on the market at Trump (most of them resales) this doubles the number of listings currently on the market.  Since only five units have sold so far this year – with two currently under contract, these new listings create an inventory overhang of about 26 months  at Trump.  Taking the downtown collectively, including Trump Tower the Lofts and the listings at the Ritz Carlton – the high end downtown condo market in general has about 19 months of inventory overhang.

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1BR/1BA/Home Office – Pet-Friendly Condo at Jefferson Place – 300 Mamaroneck Ave. #429 Offered at $389,900

300 mamaroneck ave White Plains ny

** This  condo has been sold** Feel free to contact me for other listings at Jefferson Place!

Email: ([email protected])

Mobile Phone: 914-374-5529

The Residences at Jefferson Place in Downtown White Plains NY.

Jefferson place is a new and very desirable complex located in downtown White Plains. The complex spans an entire square block between Livingston Ave and Rutherford Ave in White Plains NY.  The side facing Mamaroneck Ave is an eight-story urban mid-rise with a sophisticated brick façade. The Greenridge Ave  side of the complex  is built in low rise “town house” style which is in keeping with the suburban  neighborhood of the Highlands which it borders. Jefferson Place is just steps away from all the shopping and dining that downtown White Plains has to offer.

Just across the street on the Mamaroneck Ave. side there is plenty of fine dining, take out and retail – all within easy walking distance of the complex. The heart of the downtown with all it has to offer is just a stroll down the street. Walk to almost everything: Shopping entertainment, fine dining and so much more. Walk score is 92 out of 100 – making it a “walkers paradise.”

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Finding a Pet-Friendly Condo/Coop in Westchester NY – It isn’t easy, but it can be done….

Charlie at home in pet-friendly condoLast year around March a young couple called me up seeking a buyer’s agent.  They were about to get married and they wanted to buy either a coop or condominium.  We were at the height of the credit crisis but they  were in great shape to make that first purchase and so we went on our way.

There was one distinct caveat…they wanted to a dog – and they wanted a German Shepherd.  Now this is a challenge.  But let’s face it – I’m a sucker for anyone with a dog.  After all, I have three goodly sized canines myself in the form of 2 Siberian Huskies and a Husky/Cattle Dog mix.

Dogs are tough sale to condo and cooperative boards:

But here are the facts: Its tough enough to find a condo or cooperative that will accept dogs – but  a German Shepherd is much tougher.  Even if the complex accepts larger dogs many are restrictive with respect to breeds.  The German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Akita, Pit Bull, and from time to time my beloved Siberian Huskies are often on the chopping block specifically by condo and coop boards.   Why?  These dogs are supposedly known to have attitude problems such as a tendency to attack/bite, over-protectiveness and the like.

To me, as an animal person who understands dogs quite well – (I’ve lived with 8 dogs over the course of my life)  I think that boards would do better to concentrate their efforts on the individual dog and its owner rather than the breed itself.  After all, dogs, like their human counterparts have individual personalities.  My two pure huskies are like night and day personality wise.   The owner also plays their part.  Aneglectful owner who doesn’t care about those living around them can turn the sweetest and most agreeable dog into a nightmare for his neighbors.

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