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State of the Larchmont Housing Market – Trends from 2015 & onward…

Spring Buds Manor Park - 500px

Manor Park – Larchmont – Early Spring

Larchmont is a village and P.O. in the town of Mamaroneck.  As such it is part of the Sound Shore portion of lower Westchester, hugging the Long Island Sound on its eastern point.

The Larchmont market, like other markets along the Sound Shore, is an appreciating market.  It is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking to move to the suburbs from Manhattan or one of the other boroughs.  The bulk of this market is the single family home market.  There are several very popular cooperative complexes along with a brand new luxury condo complex (The Cambium) that has just started closing their first sales at a good clip.

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Small Business Saturday – Westchester NY…

Gift box - Small Business SaturdayWe should all forget Black Friday – that’s big-box day.  Those who care about this country and their local economy should put their emphasis on Small Business Saturday.  The day we celebrate truly LOCAL business.   Local business is important for the local economy and local revenue.  When you shop at a local store almost twice the amount of money recirculates within your local community than in a big-box store.  Further, even more money stays within the US.  Our big-box obsession has been feeding competitors such as China and India – So I say – SHOP LOCAL whenever you can.  Learn to know and appreciate your local merchants.  You don’t need to go into New York City either.  There is plenty of unique and imaginative retail in the Hudson Valley….Here are just a few of my picks…..

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How bad was it? Sandy’s storm surge in perspective..

Long Island Sound - Larchmont NYThe other day I was in Larchmont NY – it was 11 days after the storm.  I had steered clear of the area around the Larchmont Manor for fear of just being a thorn in the side of  workers trying to clear debris, cope with flooding and restore power.  You could see the damage surrounding the homes on the waterfront.  Some were quite lucky, others had severe damage.

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Here’s Looking at you New York City…

Irvington NY - NYC Skyline

The picture I snapped of the NYC skyline from Irvington NY on a sultry summer night was taken to make a point.   New York City is becoming increasingly expensive.  Friends of mine looking to purchase or even just to rent tell me tales of  spiraling costs.  So what about considering a move to Westchester?   I know, I know  some people will only consider New York City – anything less is blasphemy.  But if the cost of living is killing you, Westchester is not the moon.

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Market Update – The Stonecrest – 21 N Chatsworth Ave- Larchmont NY

Larchmont Condos & Cooperatives:

Often when buyers are first looking at Westchester coops and condos, they make a beeline to condo/coop hotspots  like White Plains without giving a passing glance at  some of the towns and villages in the surrounding areas.  But often after looking for a while they realize that these towns and villages give them more of what they are looking for in terms of ambiance and convenience.

The Stonecrest – 21 North Chatsworth Ave – Larchmont NY:

The Stonecrest - Larchmont NY 10538


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Market Update – Larchmont NY Homes – Chatsworth Ave Elementary School

Larchmont Village - residential neighborhood
Larchmont homes are always in demand, even in a bear market, which this decidedly is not.  This update focusses on Larchmont homes  zoned for the Chatsworth Ave Elementary School.  The area  features the best of what a Westchester bedroom community has to offer.  Homes in this particular school zone cover village homes zoned for Chatsworth Ave. Elementary School as well as homes in Larchmont Manor – also zoned for Chatsworth elementary school.  Village homes are located in a very walkable area.  Although the area has a distinct suburban feel, the area features an  almost an urban convenience.  Metro-North is just a short walk away and its about 35 minutes to Grand Central Station.

As a general rule, Larchmont Manor  features bigger more expensive homes on larger lots.  The streets are graceful and meandering with the mature growth that characterizes a long-established neighborhood. Located on the other side of Boston Post Rd., some locations are  less accessible to shopping and dining withou the car.  But the proximity of the Long Island Sound more than compensates for this.

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The Stonecrest in Larchmont NY – A sales update.

The Stonecrest - Larchmont NY

Larchmont Condos & Cooperatives:

Recently, I had two sales at the Stonecrest in Larchmont NY.   The Stonecrest is an upscale cooperative in the heart of the Larchmont P.O.   Larchmont NY has long been a popular destination for buyers of single family homes, but Larchmont is also a popular location for those looking for condos or cooperatives.  A cluster of these condos and cooperatives are located  in a prime location within one to two blocks of Metro-North. The two block area encompassing North Chatsworth Ave, Jefferson St., Washington Square and Myrtle Blvd.   The area is not technically in the village of Larchmont, but is rather part of the unincorporated portion of the town of Mamaroneck.  The area is zoned for Murray Ave Elementary school.

The Stonecrest - Larchmont NY 10538

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Mother’s Day at the Furniture Sharehouse…

Here’s an idea for a unique mother’s day gift.   Hundreds of families are in real financial trouble.  Since they can barely put food on the table, the result is that they are often eating on the floor.  They can’t even afford the basics in terms of beds, tables, chairs etc.  That’s where the Furniture Sharehouse comes in.  They work with local social agencies and help furnish homes for families in need.   To do so, the have a large network of volunteers that collect gently used furnishing from area residents and store it in one place so a needy family can be matched with appropriate items.

Furniture donations are always welcome, but the Furniture Sharehoue also is in need of funds to coordinate and maintain the nuts and bolts of their work.  So for Mother’s Day you can honor Mom by donating to the Furniture Sharehouse and you can download a card to send to your mother showing what you did!

Click here for the link to the Furniture Sharehouse special Mother’s Day donation page:

©2012 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.

Fotos On the Fly – Larchmont NY – Early Spring in Manor Park

It was one of those days where the weather wouldn’t make up its mind and neither could I.  I wanted to take a walk and take some photos, but would it pour?  I finally took a chance on a stroll through Manor Park in Larchmont NY.  In the full bloom of summer, Manor Park  in Larchmont literally is alive with color while small boats dot the landscape on the Long Island Sound.  The feel was different that day with the cloudy sky and the water and rocks somewhat forbidding.  But the blossoms were peeking out and signs of renewal were pretty much everywhere.  People were out, walking their dogs and climbing on the rocks.  I even photographed a family of five walking their Havanese through the park.  (I won’t publish those pictures without permission – so these landscapes will have to do!)  Hope you enjoy them.

Larchmont NY Manor Park Spring Buds


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Wearing the Green! Saint Patrick’s Day Parades in lower Westchester…

St Patricks Day  - White Plains - Mamaroneck - Tarrytown - BronxvilleHello everyone, this is the longest absence from my blog that I have had since I began it in late 2008.  A brief illness kept me from writing.  I am pleased to say that I am now back at work and just fine.

The Saint Patricks Day celebrations begin in earnest this weekend in lower Westchester.  So I thought I would  come back to my blog with some wearing of the green!

White Plains NY:

The White Plains 15th annual St. Patricks Day Parade begins at 12 noon – Saturday March 10  The parade begins at  12 noon at the intersection of Mamaroneck Ave. and Old Mamaroneck or Rd and continue downtown to Main Street.

Mamaroneck NY – (the Sound Shore):

Mamaroneck has picked this year to turn  green!  St. Patty’s Day green, that is.  This is the first year that there will be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Mamaroneck.  It  will be on Sunday March  18, at 12 noon.  The parade will begin at Nostrand Ave. (near Mamaroneck Ave.) and terminate at Harbor Island off of Boston Post Rd.   There will also be celebratory mass at St. Vito’s Church at 9:30 AM.

Eastchester NY  including Tuckahoe and Broxnville:

Eastchester will celebrate St. Patricks Day on Sunday March 11 with their 8th annual parade.  The parade will begin at 3 PM at the Immaculate Conception Church in Tuckahoe and work its way north on Route 22 to Lake Isle Country Club.

Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown NY:

Don’t forget the river towns!  Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown will hold their 16th annual St. Patricks Day Parade on Sunday March 11.   There will be a mass at  Transfiguration Church in Tarrytown at 10 AM.  The parade will start on Main Street in Tarrytown at 1:30 PM.  and will continue on Route 9 into Sleepy Hollow and down Beekman Ave. .

© 2012 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – – All rights reserved.

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