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The Suburban – Millennial Paradox (Part 1)…

21 Browning - Ossining NY 10562So what exactly is the suburban millennial paradox? I decided on this title because it best described what I would like to think about as a major shift in home buyer preferences from the boomer/genX generations to the millennials.

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The NYC commute – beyond the train ride…

Metro-North Train from Irvington to NYCRecently, Inman News wrote about commutes across the country.  Not surprisingly, the NYC commute was rated the longest in the nation. So its no small wonder that commuting distance (read commuting TIME) plays a big role in determining home values. For many home owners, their home values have become something of a crap-shoot. Take away train line or even just at station stop, add major congestion on  primary local arteries and those who were previously sitting on pretty pile of equity may see it all go south.

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State of the Scarsdale Housing Market – Trends from 2015 & onward…

Tudor Facade Dry Brush - 500px

Scarsdale Village on a Summer Day

Scarsdale has always been a famous Westchester location. It has a panache that is all its own.  Often with very good reason, I might add.  It is a lovely town and the village center has tremendous old-world charm.

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State of the Larchmont Housing Market – Trends from 2015 & onward…

Spring Buds Manor Park - 500px

Manor Park – Larchmont – Early Spring

Larchmont is a village and P.O. in the town of Mamaroneck.  As such it is part of the Sound Shore portion of lower Westchester, hugging the Long Island Sound on its eastern point.

The Larchmont market, like other markets along the Sound Shore, is an appreciating market.  It is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking to move to the suburbs from Manhattan or one of the other boroughs.  The bulk of this market is the single family home market.  There are several very popular cooperative complexes along with a brand new luxury condo complex (The Cambium) that has just started closing their first sales at a good clip.

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State of the Mamaroneck Housing Market – Trends from 2015 & going forward…

Harbor Island Park - Mamaroneck NY at dusk

Harbor Island Park at dusk – Mamaroneck NY

The Mamaroneck market, like other markets along the Sound Shore, is a very active one that is appreciating in value.  By far the biggest part of  this market is in single-family homes, although there are several very popular condo and co-op complexes, many near the center of town and the Metro-North station.

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The New Urbanization results in winners and losers…

In previous post, Downsizing – The waiting game, I alluded to the winners and losers in the new urbanization. This time I decided to delve a bit more deeply into the matter and share some thoughts on the topic generally. This is not about real estate specifically, but more about creating a vision for outlying areas in our towns and cities.

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The municipalities of Westchester – official links…

Main Street - Tarrytown-Spring - labeled- 960Westchester is home to many towns villages and cities.  It can all be more than a little bit confusing.  We have several cities including  Cortlandt, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Rye City, White Plains and Yonkers.  The towns are often subdivided into villages and hamlets which can create a hodge-podge of confusion.

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The “Westmoreland Project” – Reclaiming residential space through rezoning…

Swackhamer Rehab - White Plains NY 10606Over the past couple of years, White Plains has once again become a developers darling. There are several major projects underway, four of them clustered around the western portion of the downtown.

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State of the White Plains NY housing market – Trends from 2015…

The White Plains housing market has been trending upwards since the bottoming out from the housing crisis of 2008. The popularity of White Plains has been increasing over the years, particularly in the downtown. Many non-residents think of it as strictly a city until they see the charm of the outlying suburban areas.  These represent two distinct markets for White Plains and both are doing well.

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Breaking Ground in White Plains – 55 Bank Street…

55 Bank St White Plains - RenderingRecently, I have been posting about the bull market in Westchester NY.   Well, new construction  is always a sign of a bull housing market!  On Nov 19 the LCOR project at 55 Bank Street had its ground-breaking ceremony on a complex that when complete, will add 561 vitally needed units to the housing stock.

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