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I’m sure that every agent worth their license has been hearing that good photography helps to sell a home.  This, I know to be true as someone who was a real estate agent before morphing into a photographer.   Buyers pour over photographs and will reject a perfectly suited home sight unseen if the photography is not up to snuff.  I have had to drag people kicking and screaming  to listings that I knew were perfect for them because they were turned off by poor photography.

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Fotos On The Fly – Photographing outdoor spaces in NYC

Upper West Side - New York CityI was in NYC meeting a friend that had just moved back from Europe.  She was renting an apartment on the upper west side and was just in fact moving in.  The unit that she moved into actually had outdoor space.  Granted you had to go out through a low hanging window, but who cares about that? Outdoor space in Manhattan is as rare as hens teeth and if space is at a premium in Manhattan, outdoor space is like finding a room made out of solid gold.

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Fotos On The Fly – Making A Grand Entrance – Part 2

19 Tyler - Entry3 - SmallOne of the best ways to photograph an entry way is portrait style through the front door. Of course this will only work if the entry is in the proper configuration to stand out from in its best light from the entry. But it is generally one of the first shots that I try.

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For Sale – Highlands Neighborhood – White Plains NY – 379 South Lexington Ave.

Home in Highlands White Plains NY FrontThis home was sold for $422,000 in 2014.

The Bullet:

  • 2 BR/1 BA home in the Highlands
  • Square Footage: 1138 sf
  • Lot Size:  0.11 acres

The Price & Affordability:

  • Offered At: $425,000
  • Property Taxes:  $7091 w/o STAR 

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Real Estate Photography – Making A Grand Entrance – Part 1

Home Entry - SmallSome homes have amazing entry areas while others have spectacular architectural features in spite of a rather uninspiring entry. This is a case of “when you’ve got it, flaunt it!” An impressive entry should always be photographed with care. As a general rule, I take a large formal entry from several angles because sometimes I find that something I didn’t think would work so well surprises me into being a winning shot.

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Real Estate Photography – Photographing Condos & Coop Common Areas…

1 Franklin - Lobby1-SmallWhen buyers look at a condo or cooperative complex, they are buying more than the unit, they are buying the lifestyle.  How the common areas are presented online and in brochures can really have an impact on overall interest.   Naturally, if your buyer craves a sleek modern look, the ornate detail of an Art Nouveau is going to attract them.  But on the other hand it may win over a buyer who loves pre-war architecture and moldings.  Buyers do tend to purchase a house or condo that feels “right” for them.  Certainly something like the entry, even though it is a common area plays a role in those overall feelings regarding the complex.

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Fotos On The Fly – The Hudson River & the Hudson Line….


Irvington Train - 8-13 - HDR2-SmallYou can’t think about the Hudson River without thinking about trains and train lines.  Trains and the lower Hudson Valley go hand in hand because the area is just a few miles from mid-town Manhattan.   For Westchester residents, trains are a way of life, and that makes good sense since many residents make the daily trek from their Westchester homes to Manhattan.   Thanks to Metro-North, the trip is quite painless and efficient.

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Photographing Real Estate – Condo/Coop Exteriors

1 Franklin - Entry3 - smallPhotography is becoming one of the most essential components for a successful listing.  A strong photographic presentation can create  stronger interest in the property, lead to more showings which in turn leads to more offers.

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The view from Washington Heights NYC – Just minutes from lower Westchester…

GW Bridge - Hudson River - Washington HeightsFor those of you who don’t know, I do make a portion of my living as a photographer.  Most of the time, I’m a real estate photographer, but sometimes I do get fine art assignments and then there are times when I just find a view that I have to shoot.

The photo above had meaning for me because it was from my former stomping ground in Washington Heights.  I was looking for specific Hudson River views for a client, but I knew when I was taking photos of the Hudson  that I wanted to get a shot of the GW Bridge from Washington Heights.  I worked at Presbyterian Hospital for several years during the 1990s.  The GW bridge dominated the area which I often think of an interesting combination of pre-war grace and latter day grit.

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Fotos On The Fly – Surreal Sunsets on the Hudson – Sleepy Hollow NY

Surreal Sunset- Hudson River - Kingsland Point ParkLately I’ve been taking a lot of photos along the Hudson River.  The sheer concentration on the Hudson River was due in part to a client who had some very specific requests with the Hudson River as the subject.  The process  of such a focussed effort drew my attention to the fact that no two photos of the Hudson River are ever really alike.   They can be in the same location at the same time of day and still be quite different.  The distinctive cloud formations, the sunsets that range from the brightest yellows and purples to the palest pinks create  that unique “Hudson Valley sky” seems to produce endless variations.  Trying to recapture a moment is futile in such a situation…once you have missed the moment, it is gone.

 The sunset above was taken  from Kingsland Point Park when I was trying to capture something completely different.  The sky and weather conditions did not cooperate at all with my original plans that involved a pre-sunset shoot of the LIghthouse.  But I did mange to capture a vivid sunset.  At first I thought this was a “consolation prize”  but this photo took on a life of its own.  The colors were so vivid that they almost looked surreal, so I decided to exaggerate the vivid and emphasize the shadow of the trees.

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