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July 1, 2009
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July 9, 2009

Coffee Labs of Tarrytown NY –  A place to enjoy a great cup of coffee – with your best canine friend!

I confess that I have a coffee habit.  It’s easy to point fingers at my 1/4 Spanish/Cuban heritage – but let’s face it – I’m addicted.  This is particularly true of really fine coffee.  And Coffee Labs offers some of the best blends there are.  Once you’ve tried it, there really is no going back.

Sometimes  I go to Coffee Labs in the morning with Jade – my mellow Siberian Husky.  For those of you who have read the antics of my two White Siberian Huskies,  you know that I hav two females named Jade and Tundra.  Tundra is my wild child and Jade is as relaxed and mellow as Tundra is exuberant.  So Jade gets to accompany me to the coffee shop where I get a great cup of coffee, pull up a table and get to work researching the market and catching up with correspondence.  It’s  my way of getting out of the office and enjoy a change of pace – while still being able to get work done.  There are quite a few regular morning patrons at Coffee Labs.  Many sit just like me – working away at their laptops sharing the bandwidth.  Julie Annello is one a customer who I took note of because she didn’t have a laptop. Instead, she had her sketch book.  For several days Julie tried  to get a nice sketch of Jade, but somehow – it never quite happened…until last Wednesday… It really captures the quiet calm of Jade and her retiring, gentle personality. Julie gave me her sketch which I scanned into my computer and here it is….direct from Coffee Labs…Jade in repose while her “Mom” is working on market stats.

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