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Putting the pieces of the puzzle togetherOver the past few months, several sales-in-progress have been occupying a major portion of my time.  When my clients and I began our journey together we had  NO IDEA what lay ahead.  The problems we encountered were mostly the result of  the shifting ground that the lending crisis created.  The banks were moving at a pace that would make a snail look like an olympic sprinter.

Each transaction had its unique set of players and problems. But in each case I was blessed to be dealing with buyers, sellers, agents and attorney’s that all pulled together to get to the closing table.

In this environment, there is no room for egos and selfishness or special agendas…

Real estate transactions can be rife with conflict, anger, egos and selfish motives.   In these difficult times, closings are hard won. Buyers, sellers, agents and attorney’s are having their patience and tempers challenged at every turn. One agent said to me – “its like we are CLAWING our way to each and every closing.” I liken it to trying to walk through mud that is waist deep.  Having reasonable clients, working with agents who are willing to get the job done, and having responsive a communicative attorney’s are no longer luxuries – they are essential components of a successful transaction.

So here is  a heartfelt “thank you” to….

My client’s Kathy, Frank, Allison, Judith, Ted, Cristina, & Laura – for patiently prevailing during through all the delays.  I know there were times that you thought you would never close. Your tenacity and determination paid off.

To the agents on the other side of these transactions, Suzanne, Andrew, Regina, Liz, Delilah and Lorna I thank you for your diligence and hard work moving the transactions from the beginning of negotiations and through the challenging escrows intact.

Finally to the attorney’s Michael, Lou, Mary, and Rodney  I thank you for putting the contracts together in a timely manner, keeping the agents in the loop while following up on the many issues that the lending crisis created.

Everyone named went above and beyond.  No one had a grudge or an axe  to grind.  No one was trying to take advantage or club the other party into submission under the guise of “negotiation.”  We  worked with our clients to put together a win-win deals for all concerned.   These closings are a perfect example of what can be done when parties acting in good faith pull together to achieve a common goal.

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