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Over the past few months I’ve been observing a strange sight: fiberglass roosters nesting all over Scarsdale Village.  “Rooster Row” as it is called is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Scarsdale Historical Society.  It recalls a similar fund raising event in Larchmont involving ducks in 2006.  Although the roosters were supposed to be auctioned off earlier in the year…many of the roosters still remain.  I don’t know exactly what happened at the auction,  but I’m pleased to still see the some of the roosters out and about. They certainly are a colorful addition to Scarsdale Village.  They also serve to showcase local talent and promote local business – all of which is a good thing during these challenging economic times.  I took these photos a few months ago but got caught up with other things.  So I’m posting them now – better late than never.

Scarsdale NY Rooster Row

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