Hartsdale NY Housing Market Statistics – Third Quarter 2009

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White Plains NY Housing Market Statistics – Third Quarter 2009
October 12, 2009
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October 29, 2009

The Hartsdale NY housing market is in buyer’s market mode.  Prices for coops, condos and single family homes all experienced price reductions when Hartsdale Homecompared with the third quarter of the previous year.   This was the second year of price reductions for the area.  Volume was variable with single-family home sales being down 70% over the previous year while there was a slight increase in the number of coop sales.

Hartsdale Cooperatives:

Coop prices dropped 11.1% over the previous year with the average price being $192k for Q3 2009. That was enough to make them a desirable purchase.  This was particularly true of East Hartsdale Ave.  Demand remained high and volume was up 1% from 2008.   There is a 5.8 month inventory on the market – making it a borderline buyer’s market in terms of inventory.   Prices have dropped nearly 15% from Q3 2007 – which is roughly when sales prices peaked. This is still a buyer’s market, but the reduction in inventory and stable sales volume indicates that we may be near the bottom.

Hartsdale Condominiums:

Condos didn’t fare as well as cooperatives.  Sales prices were down nearly 13% from the previous year.  The average sales price for the third quarter was $370k down from $425k in 2008.  Sales volume was down 33.3% and there is currently an 8 month inventory on the market creating a definite buyer’s market.  This market didn’t really start declining until after the stock market crash – so it may have some more adjustments ahead.

Hartsdale Single-Family Homes:

The price of a single-family home was up about 2.3% – however, I would not consider this to be a true improvement.  The volume was so low, that this probably reflects the nature of the homes that actually sold more than an uptick in prices.  Volume is down 70% from Q3 in 2008.  Further, that low volume translates into over two years of inventory on the market – making this a definite buyer’s market.  The market is down less than 8% from the peak indicating it may have a way to go.  Sellers should price homes realistically, while buyers should enjoy great opportunities in the coming months.

Hartsdale NY home prices

Hartsdale Home sales volume

Hartsdale Home Sales Inventory

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