Jim Cramer of Mad Money Fame Appears at Downtown White Plains Barnes & Noble

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Jim Cramer in White PlainsWhite Plains is synonymous with shopping.  It  is know for its shops particularly along Mamaroneck Ave, Post Rd. and Main St.   As a result, White Plains shops in the downtown area really comes to life during the  Holiday Season.  Shopping and fine dining are part of the downtown White Plains lifestyle. Tuesday night I decided that it was time to “get serious” about Christmas and do some real shopping.  I decided to start at the City Center  Mall and go to one of my favorite haunts – the Barnes & Noble.   I was meandering around in my usual catatonic shopping state of mind when I ran smack into a security guard  who had the audacity to be blocking my progress.  He was very polite, since I  was obviously not paying any attention whatsoever.   “Are you here for the book signing?”  he inquired.  The question jolted me awake.  I was standing smack in the middle of an area that was roped off and I was clearly in the way.   I asked who was coming and he replied “Jim Cramer.”

You never know when you are going to be surprised.  I was thrilled.  My father is a HUGE fan and as many of regular readers know, he is not at all well.  I quickly bought his latest book  to autograph for my Dad and waited patiently for him to arrive.

Well, I have to say it was worth the wait.  This man has enough energy to supply the entire metropolitan area with power for the next century.  The antics on his show which one might think are a put-on are really a reflection of his personality.  A friend of mine who was at one time a market analyst  once marveled – “I guess they found a brilliant bipolar who stopped taking his meds and gave him a show.”   But the energy is real.  Mr. Cramer spent about 30 minutes talking and probably about an hour signing.  I came away with a signed copy of his latest book “Getting back to Even” for my Dad and with a whole lot more energy than when I went in.

Jim Cramer Signing Books

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