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December 12, 2009
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January 1, 2010
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Just for Fun in Winter

courtesy of famveldman ©

Siberian Huskies...We had our first snow yesterday.  As usual we were told to expect the storm of the century, so I did what everyone else in Westchester was doing…got groceries, hoarded salt, made sure I had a good shovel and hunkered down.    Seriously,  the way we treat snow storms around here one would think that no one had ever heard of snow plows and other modern marvels that actually make it possible for you to be back in the real world within 24 hours.  Nevertheless, the storm and  subsequent dig-out gave me some quiet time with my canine family.   I have two Siberain Huskies and a husky mix who for obvious reasons LOVE the snow.  The colder the better and the heavier the snow fall, the happier they are.   So after spending quality time with my shovel and salt, I spent some time outside with Buddy, Jade & Tundra.   They had a great time tearing up the yard.  To get good pictures however they had to stand still…I got a few shots of them running, but most of that passed by my camera in a blur!

For the stills here is a link to Siberians in the Snow on Flickr.

Enjoy the video and  Happy Holidays.

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