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Surrey Strathmore - White Plains NY - 90 Bryant Ave.Buying a condo in White Plains NY can be very expensive. Cooperatives offer a viable alternative and financially stable complexes are great investments.  But for those who own dogs, relatively few are pet-friendly. Here is one of the premier cooperative complexes of White Plains – and the best part is that its pet-friendly.

The Surrey Strathmore  is a complex of six mid-rise buildings which surround a courtyard.  This is perhaps one of the more upscale  cooperatives in White Plains.  Built in 1939, the complex boasts some of the graces of a by-gone era.  The ceilings are 9 ft high, and graceful archways separate living room, dining room and kitchen areas.  Each unit has at least one of the Surrey Starthmore’s signature curio nooks. The floor plan is excellent.

Located at the Southern end of White Plains, the Surrey Strathmore is located on Bryant Ave which almost acts as the “dividing line” between the Southern residential area from the Northern downtown.  So, the Surrey Strathmore sits on the edge of the residential neighborhood, the Highlands where quiet walks on tree-lined streets are just a block away. Perfect for a walk with the dog.  On the other side is the beginning of the downtown area within walking distance of the famous and upscale  Whole Foods, Cheesecake Factory, and Morton’s Steak House.  A bus taking commuters to the White Plains Train Station stops right at the corner of Bryant Ave and Old Mamaroneck Rd. – which is the Southwest corner of the complex.

The complex has its own parking facility, though there is a short wait list for parking, but most new residents get a parking spot within two to three months.  There is a municipal parking lot a little over a block away for additional spaces and for ample parking during the waiting period.
In addition to the courtyard there is also a picnic area complete with barbeque pits.

Surrey Stathmore - White Plains NY - 90 Bryant Ave.

The Cost of Living:

The Surrey Strathmore has studios, 1 BR and 2 BR units.  Some 2 BR units have two baths, the other units all have a single bath. Many of the units have been extensively renovated complete with granite kitchens and high-end finishes. Sales have been light over the past year.   For 2 BR units there was a sale for $290,000 last June for a unit with 2 baths and 1250 s.f.  and currently one unit under contract.  For 1 BR units a recent sale of a renovated unit commanded $195,000 at 825 s.f. These prices are down considerably from their highs of a couple years ago.   There are also a few studios in the complex  – though these are few and far between and when they become available, they are in high demand.

For a 2 BR Unit:

Maintenance for a large 2 BR with two baths is around $1300 month. This naturally includes property taxes as is the case in all cooperatives.   50% of that fee is tax deductible.

Assuming 20% down payment on $290,000 and a fixed rate mortgage of 5.25%, the gross outlay for a unit like this would be roughly $2581/month for a 2BR/2 BA unit.    However, with tax deductions (assuming the 28% marginal bracket) the overall outlay is around $2117.00.  For a 1 BR unit

For a 1 BR Unit:

Maintenance is about $884/month and once again 50% of this is the property tax and is deductible.  Assuming a sales price of $195k and 20% down, the gross outlay for this type of unit would be $1745.00.  Factoring in tax deductions (assuming the 28% tax bracket) the overall outlay would be about $1431 a month.
Surrey Strathmore - White Plains NY - 90 Bryant Ave

Pet-Friendly Status:

The management is very dedicated towards maintaining the quality of life for all residents both two-footed and four-footed. Officially, there is a weight limit of 40-50 lbs, however, they are more concerned with the pet’s disposition than its actual size and larger dogs are commonplace. An interview of the dog is a prerequisite – size notwithstanding. I have had personal experience with the management and the board.  They do their best to accommodate people with pets.

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