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This is a message to all the real  estate agents that I know and love who haven’t changed the photo on their business card and other materials for 20 or more years!

Sure, I’d love to look the way I did 20 years ago. Well…not quite. I’d love to look as YOUNG as I did 20 years ago and still have an updated look that says 2010 – not 1990.   One of the reasons I don’t have a photo on my business card or web site is because agent photos have gotten so ridiculous.  I’m firmly convinced that if I put my 45-year-old mug on a card, people would automatically think I was 80 years of age.  After all, having a photo that is dated to about half of our actual age seems to be the industry standard.

So here are 10 signs that the photo on your card and other publicity might be a tad — ahem— dated.

1. You have a child the same age you were when that photo was actually taken.
2. Your eyeglasses cover your entire face.
3. Your hair is bigger than the eyeglasses that cover your entire face.
4. The padded shoulders on your power suit make you look like a football player.
5. Your kids laugh hysterically when they see the photo and ask “did you really look like that once?”
6. Your hair, clothing, and makeup make you look like you are dressed for a costume party with a vintage theme.
7. NO ONE recognizes you from your photo.
8. You have a full head of hair and sideburns in the photo – even though you have been bald for years.
9. You lapels and tie are so wide they cover your entire chest.
10. Your new client runs away in fear because they think the strange older person approaching them is impersonating the young hot agent they contacted.

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