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Gedney Farms White Plains NYGedney Farms White Plains NY:

When buyers are looking for high-end single family homes in White Plains NY – A home with plenty of green space and old-world charm – Gedney Farms is the first neighborhood that comes to mind.  Gedney Farms was named after John Gedney  who bought the land in 1740.   Gedney Farms was a working farm that remained within the Gedney family right through the Civil War.  It has long ceased to be farmland and is now a well established neighborhood.

Through much of the Gedney area the  zoning is for no more than three homes per acre, so most lots have at least .33 acres of land  which for lower Westchester is very difficult to find at a decent price.   The roads are fairly narrow the wind around giving the feeling of country roads. No checkerboard streets here!  This is also a plus because the streets are generally quiet as this discourages cut-through traffic that sometimes occurs in other parts of White Plains.  The homes are a mix of Tudors and colonials many of them built during the Great Depression or before with a smaller percentage being built in the 50s and 60w. This is a mature neighborhood with very little buildable land remaining.

The Ridgeway Golf Course:

The Ridgeway golf course defines the neighborhood and depending on your location.  It bisects the Gedney neighborhood in several places and many of the homes have spectacular golf course views. Some even have the fairways coming right into their back yards giving an illusion of  almost endless open space.  This type of amenity is difficult to match in lower Westchester and is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the City Center and the Ritz Carlton of downtown White Plains.  Some homes have their back yards extending right into the fairways.  It looks like open space as far as the eyes can see.

Unfortunately, at this time the fate of the Ridgeway golf club is not settled.  Although the club has no wish to sell its land to developers, difficult financial times may force that issue.  So far they have been holding on.  Much of the area is wetlands, so the quantity of building would be quite limited. Nevertheless, the loss of such a vista would be a blow to the area.  Everyone is hoping that this issue will resolve itself as the economy continues to improve.

Gedney Farms White Plains Ny Ridgeway Golf Course

The Cost of Living:

All of this comes at a high price, however, Gedney Farms is far less expensive than comparable neighborhoods neighboring Scarsdale, Mamaroneck/Larchmont and Harrison.  Recent sales show an average price of $883,100.   this is down considerably from the highs of just 2.5 years ago, but remarkably sturdy given that most of the home that sold were on the smaller side.  The pricing not only reflects the price drop but the fact that smaller homes are selling better due to the problems obtaining jumbo loans.  Much depends on the location (golf course views are at a premium) and how recently the kitchens and baths were updated.  Since these were designed as luxury homes, excellent floor plans can be found even in the older homes.

Gedney Farms White Plains NY - Golf Cart Crossing

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