Tundra is Toonces….my Siberian Husky can drive a car…

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Tundra is TooncesOk, so one of the advantages of having a pet-friendly real estate practice is that my dogs can sometimes accompany me on my outings.  They add something to the mix by actually calming my buyers during times of stress.   Many like to pet them and play with them in between showings.

But Tundra has taken to wanting to be in the driver’s seat.  I’ve told her that she needs to be at least 16 for a learners permit, but she just doesn’t want to listen.  So when I get back to the car – it really looks like she’s driving the vehicle.

It reminds me of one of my favorite SNL skits from the late 80s.  “Toonces the Driving Cat.”  For those who are too young to remember – enjoy  the clip.  For those of us who were watching SNL in the late 80s and early 90s – this should bring back memories.

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