Death By Designation – Trends from the comments and some further reading.

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Death by designation – or – if there are more initials after your name than IN your name you may be a “designation junkie”
February 4, 2010
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February 8, 2010

My initial rant on this topic was posted both here – and on Active Rain where I have another blog.  Active Rain attracts many from the industry itself – unlike this blog which is more consumer facing.  So I thought I would paste a link over to that blog and I have put together a follow-up since that posting created such a stir.

Since there was such a debate over my blog on designations and their relative value, I thought it would be nice if I culled through the responses in order to get a consensus and also offer up some references for further reading.

There were 41 responders to the blog – excluding those who posted more than once and of course my responses.  There were three distinct camps:

1.  49% Felt designations were of dubious value (I included myself in that group.)
2.  29% Felt that having one or two made sense.
3.  22% Felt  that felt multiple designations were valuable.

This is hardly scientific and may be skewed against the pro-designation camp because of the venue involved.  Bloggers as a group are probably more likely to gain knowledge through reading and disseminating information on-line and may have less of a need for a formal classroom.

One trend I did see was that of all the designations out there the CRS appeared to mentioned over and over again as the most valuable for the agent and their clients.  Here is link to blog about the CRS  – My CRS Designation – by Randy Prothero.

The following are some links for further reading on this subject.

The e-Pro Designation – Where it all began for me….

My journey started with the ePro designation So I first turn to Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato for inspiration:  e-Pro is a Tinfoil Badge.

Nick Van Assche also wrote something similar on AR in 2008.  E-Pro is a waste of a designation.

Designations and Agent Education in General….

Kris Berg from Inman wrote a scathing piece on  the state of the low bar to entry and the training that is currently state-of-the-art for agents.  In Real estate dodges tech bullet – she mentions designations specifically.  For those who thought that what I wrote was too strong,  I warn you – this article might raise your blood pressure to a point of no return.  She writes better than I do – so it is well worth the read and if you like sarcasm, you will like Kris Berg.

While you are at it, you might also want to take a look at another article she wrote along a similar train of thought.  Don’t forget the customer.

Mariana Wagner  of Agent Genius wrote a very critical blog about designations and the process.    Proposed New Real Estate Designations for 2009.

Renee Porsia – also from Agent Genius – wrote a piece highly critical of the “self-aggrandizing” ways in which agents behave and unleashed some of her wrath on those with too many designations.  Do You Need a Trophy Case For Your Meaningless Accolades?

Also, David Saks wrote a rather strong blog on AR.   Designations: Continuing Education or Continuing Humongous Absurd Rip Off ???

So there you have it. There is a body of opinion within the industry that shares some of the concerns that I brought up in my post.  The issues have been  out there and are under continuous debate.  So please don’t shoot the messenger.

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