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February 11, 2010
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You know that your real estate market is expereincing a shake-up when an article about it in Inman News. The post was actually a reposting of an original article written by “The Real Deal” by Amy Tennery called Westchester real estate shake-up: Brokerage world sees shuffling of agents as firms shutter and consolidate during downturn.

In the post, the details of the shake-up were described in detail – particularly with respect to Sotheby’s and Better Homes and Gardens Rand.  Many have been affected by the changes that have roiled our market.  I was briefly with Prudential Rand (before it became Better Homes & Gardens Rand) when they acquired Nelson-Vrooman GMAC in the spring of 2008. My initial brokerage at Century 21 Wolff was also acquired by Rand.  So agents have been reshuffled like playing cards in a very large deck.

This fall out from this may signal a changing of the guard away from the large franchise model to smaller independents  – or – it could consolidate the power of the few left standing.  Although I belong to a fairly large franchise, it is my hope that some of the smaller independents start to carve a nice niche for themselves where they can level the playing field and keep a lively competition going.  In general I have been quite hard on the large franchises because some (not all) have sat on the laurals of their name brand. All the while doing little or nothing in the way of customer service.  New agents were often “on their own” which also wrecked havoc with customer service.

But to those in our area that had a favorite brokerage that is now gone – I will offer the following advice.  Agents sell homes – not brokerages. If your brokerage of choice is gone, but you had an agent that you worked successfully with in the past, I suggest you track him or her down.  It is more than likely that the agent is still in business with another brokerage.He or she has not changed just because they are no longer with the same broker.  If they did well by you in the past, they will continue to do so.

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