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The Craigswald - Scarsdale NY

Scarsdale Cooperatives:

Scarsdale coops are very popular for commuters and long-time residents alike.  When people think of coops in Scarsdale, they are often thinking of the famous Garth Road.  Unfortunately, there are no longer any dog-friendly cooperative complexes on Garth.  However, nearby on Central Ave, there is such a complex.

Scarsdale Country Estates:

Scarsdale Country Estates is located on Campus Place and Sentry Pl.  off of Central Ave. Although they have a Scarsdale, P.O. address, it is important to clarify that they are actually located in the town of Greenburgh in the famous Edgemont school district.  These are lovely old world garden style units with fine moldings, hard wood floors and fireplaces.

Being located directly off of Central Ave., these units offer easy access to the Express Bus to Manhattan as well as Shuttle service to the Scarsdale Train Station.  Their location is definitely convenient many forms of shopping and within just of few minutes of the hustle, bustle, shopping and entertainment that downtown White Plains, NY and the City Center has to offer.

Cost of Living:

The units themselves are generously sized with loads of charm. 750-900 sq.ft. is customary for  a 1 BR or Jr. 4 while 1250-1350 sq. ft. is the norm for a 2 BR. Many of the ground floor units offer private entrances complete with private patios and are very appealing for people who have pets or for those who just enjoy being outdoors in warmer weather.  Parking is available but unassigned and storage is available.

There are several units under contract and in pending at this time. Although the final sales price is not known, the average sales price is about $178,000 for a 1 BR/1BA unit with units having a private patio having a correspondingly higher price.  The average maintenance is $731 a month without STAR savings.  Using a 30-year 5.5% loan and a 20% down payment as a basis, the outlay for such a unit after calculating standard tax deductions would be about $1250/month – more than  competitive with rentals in the area.  2 BR units are selling for about $277,000 with maintenance fees running $1050/month.  The outlay is correspondingly higher at about $1920/month but still very competitive with  rentals.Scarsdale Coops

Pet Friendly Status:

One dog is allowed.  The dog can be any size or breed but must pass the board.

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