Siberian Huskies in White Plains NY Winter Wonderland…

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Just for fun...

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Its STILL SNOWINGFor many on the East coast Friday was a snow day.  White Plains NY was no exception.  Let’s put it this way – people were not exactly calling me  for showings on Friday.  It took several hours for me to dig out – my walkways were covered with the white stuff.  I actually spent about an hour cutting back branches that were hanging so low, they were in danger of pulling down a couple of small trees.

When I finally finished, I found that my Siberain Huskies (Jade, Tundra, & Buddy) were eager to play in the yard with me.  I grabbed the camera and decided to create a video from some of the photos.  Siberian Huskies and snow go together like ham and eggs.  They were having a ball and I think it shows.

Enjoy the video, I put it together rather quickly, but I still think its fun

To see the still photos that helped make up this video go to my Flickr account:

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