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The power restoration process is slowly progressing.  Five days after the storm  there are still over 7000 county residents without power as of this morning.   Greenburgh town supervisor, Paul Feiner, will be writing the Public Service Commission asking them to investigate the methodology Con Ed used to commit de-energizing and restoration crews.  NYC appeared to be first in line for help while it was obvious that the lions share of the damage was in Westchester County.

Personally, I was out of power for about 72 hours and the damage to my own property was consderable even though I had had the foresight to have a couple of vulnerable trees removed prior to the storm.    Several people I know were dependent on sump pumps to keep their basements dry. When the power went off – so did the sump pumps and the resulting damage was severe.

Here are a few photos taken from my iPhone yesterday.   The are pictures taken in the Prospect Park neighborhood and on Soundview Ave. in  White Plains – an area that was severely impacted.  As you can see, the trees came up by the roots.  The same is true for a very large tree that I lost on my front yard.  The ground was already so saturated with water the trees were just pulled out by the roots.

Uprooted tree in Prospect Park White Plains NY

Uprooted tree in Prospect Park

Soundview Ave White Plains - Restoration crews

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