Single Family Homes in Larchmont NY – Murray Ave Elementary School

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March 23, 2010
The Stonecrest - Larchmont NY
Larchmont NY Condos and Cooperatives – Murray Ave Elementary School
March 30, 2010

Larchmont NY Homes 1This is a lovely area of Larchmont. Larchmont NY homes typically evokes tree-lined streets and mature neighborhoods. This area does not disappoint on any of these.  The area is strictly residential – yet for the most part it is walkable neighborhood   – many of the homes being  a mile or less from the train station and parts of the village.   Some areas are somewhat further from town – so walkability depends upon you precise location.  However, many in the area opt to leave the car and walk.    The streets are tree -lined and the neighborhoods are established with mature trees.  Homes for sale in much of Larchmont  generally tend to have a distinctively Old -World charm about them Pre-war homes. Tudors seem to dominate the area although Colonials are very much in evidence as well.   But don’t let the age of these homes fool you.  Most of them have aged gracefully and boast many upgrades that  can give you the best of both worlds:  old world charm – with modern amenities.  The lot sizes run the gamut from roughly 0.12 acres to over an acre in larger homes.  In general, the homes close in to the village sit on smaller lots.

It should be noted at the outset  that this area is not truly part of the village of Larchmont, but is rather part of the incorporated portion of the town of Mamaroneck.  The elementary school serving the are is the Murray Ave Elementary School.  It received a rating of 10 out of 10 from and is a true “neighborhood” school.

Larchmont NY Homes 2For more photos – see my photo feed for Larchmont on Flickr.  For a video –  see my Animoto video on the Village of Larchmont.

Commute from Larchmont to Grand Central Station:

The commute from Larchmont to  NYC couldn’t be easier with an express stop at the Larchmont Train Station. A  mere 35 minutes to Grand Central by an express train on the New Haven Line and you are in midtown.  Since walking to the train is walkable from many locations in this neighborhood –  a NYC commute could not be easier.  In fact, depending  on where your destination in Manhattan is located, the commute from Westchester can be faster and easier than a commute from some popular residential locations in the city itself.  Larchmont NY is pretty much a commuter paradise.

The Housing Market and Current Market Conditions:

The pricing history tells us that this is a market that has seen a significant price adjustment over the past couple of years.  Larchmont NY  homes for sale have been no exception. Included at the bottom of this page are some market stats starting in 2006  to the present.  Pricing history was broken down between 3 BR, 4 BR and 5+ BR homes.  Also included is the history of sales volume over 4 years as well as the general pricing trend.  Form both of those charts it can be seen that as sales volume decreased, so did prices.  So far,  this quarter, things are looking up.   The average sales price for the area since Jan 2010 has been $1,079,000 – up from the second half of 2009 ($969,000) and roughly level with the first half of 2009.   Volume, if it continues on its current path, will be up significantly from the previous year.  The number of contracts and pending sales indicates a strong quarter ahead for the spring.
For more information about  life in Larchmont and the Village of Larchmont go to Living in the village of Larchmont NY.

Larchmont NY Homes For sale - Pricing since 2006

Larchmont NY Homes for sale - sales history

Larchmont Sales Volume

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