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Single Family Homes in Larchmont NY – Murray Ave Elementary School
March 28, 2010
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April 3, 2010

larchmont ny condos - coopsThis area  is not part of the Larchmont village proper – but is rather part of the unincorporated portion of the town of Mamaroneck.  This small grouping of Larchmont condos and cooperatives are just a stone’s throw from both the train and the village.

Location, Location, Location:

Although  the neighborhood is right next to the village as well as the train station, the area is tree-lined and not very urban in nature. The area is sandwiched between a single family residential neighborhood and the village.   The area is highly walkable such that you can definitely leave the car and walk to fine dining, shopping and general errands.  For the most part, buildings in this small section have a walk score of over 90 out of 100 making this section of Larchmont a Walker’s Paradise.

For walkers and bikers  the beautifully landscaped Manor Park provides a  wonderful escape from the day-to-day hubbub of life. One can easily stroll through the village and the single family neighborhoods as well. Many of the buildings exude old-world charm as many are from the pre-war era.  Cooperatives dominate the landscape although there are a few condominium complexes as well.


Larchmont to Grand Central Station:

The area is very commuter-friendly, almost to the point of absurdity.  Most of these complexes are literally within a block of the train station.   A block to two blocks walk and you are there. An express train on the New Haven Line delivers you to Grand Central Station within 35 minutes.  It is actually an easier and more pleasant commute than from  some locations within New York City.

The elementary school serving this immediate area is the highly-rated Murray Ave Elementary School which was rated a 10 out of 10 by parents on Great Schools.

The pricing history reflects the market correction that is now in progress.   Larchmont NY homes  has held up beautifully in what has been generally a challenging market, both locally and nationally. A detailed chart of 1BR & 2 BR cooperatives is included below.  Condos sales were too few in number to report accurate data on. The small numbers made posting general statistics without a string of caveats impossible. Feel free to contact me by email or by phone for more information on condos in the area.

Larchmont Condo collageFor more photos – see my photo feed for Larchmont on Flickr.  For a video –  see my Animoto video on the Village of Larchmont.

Also included are sales price trends for a combination of condos and coops.  This chart reflects how much buyers were willing to spend on a condo or cooperative in this area over time and reflects the general market correction.  Sales volume  is also included.  This reflects the number of buyers that are in the market and the relative strength of the market.

Currently (the end of March 2010) there have been 7 total sales in the first three months of 2010 – which reflects the weakened market – however, contracts and pendings are up and pricing remains fairly level.  This is a market that maintains its value well and is  a very desirable destination for buyers.

2010 Half- Year Update:

Cooperatives continue to be  a firm buyer’s market.  This is a systemic issue that pervades Westchester County.  The uptick in price from $195k to $229k for 1 BR units reflects the low sales volume and the sale of two unusually large and very updated units in that mix.  The price drop from $410k, to $356k seen in 2 BR units is in part a reflection of what actually sold during this period as compared to the end of 2009.  Overall – there was 10% drop in cooperative prices in this market from Q2 2009 – Q2 2010.  The free-fall has ended but how much more in the way of downside that exists is hard to tell.  The Larchmont market is generally quite sturdy with single family homes showing a price increase.  So this market is more fortified than other Westchester coops in different markets.

Westchester Coops - Larchmont NY - Murray Ave Schools.

Larchmont condocoop sales 1

Larchmont Sales Volume

For information about single family homes zoned for the same elementary school go to Single family homes in Larchmont  NY – Murray Ave School.

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