H. Melville Hicks Jr. – 1929-2010 – R.I.P. Dad – You Fought the Good Fight

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May 3, 2010
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For those of you who have been reading The Westchester View for a while now, you might be wondering why I suddenly stopped posting.  I’m sad to say that my father lost a three year battle with cancer at 8 PM on April 30.   The only post I wrote since that time was one regarding the budget of the city of White Plains – which in truth had already been near publication days before my father’s passing.

All his life, my father had been a fighter.  Perhaps it was also something he got from being in the Marines.  As he fought in Korea before I was born, my Dad fought hard to defeat the cancer that had been eating him alive for years.   It was his life and he was going to fight for it.  And fight he did – and in many ways, he was victorious.  My Dad outlived even the most optimistic  prognosis by about 24 months.  By the time he had a diagnosis, in late May of 2007, the cancer had spread to occupy  nearly half of his liver.  Surgery on the primary tumor and chemotherapy  helped to control the spread – but his illness was too far advanced for a cure or even a remission.

Dad took chemo weekly at the Dickstein Cancer center in White Plains from about October of 2007 until November of 2009 when the treatments ceased to be effective.  He responded well and if the side effects got to him – he wasn’t about to tell me or anyone else about it.

He was laid to rest on Tuesday at Moravian Cemetery on Staten Island New York – a former Marine – he received a military farewell for his service to his country.

Dickstein Cancer Center - White PlainsI want to thank the doctors and nurses at the Dickstein Cancer Center for seeing warmly and compassionately to his care each week for those two years.  I think all who have been there, know that the Dickstein Cancer Center is a very special place with a staff of nurses, doctors and technicians who truly care about each individual patient.  I also want to thank Dr. Monroe for all she did to help my Dad during his final illness.

I also want to thank the Marine Corp of the United States for the moving service at the grave site.

Dad – wherever you are – you fought the good fight – your battle is done – rest in peace – you are now in a better place. Marines @ Funeral

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