Freaky Friday – Can pigs dance? Yes they can!

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Just for fun...

courtesy of gstockstudio ©

We are definitely in the “Dog Days” of summer – my Siberian Huskies have morphed  from outdoor dogs to indoor couch potatoes in search of the comfort of the AC.    Somehow temperatures close to 95 with high humidity don’t square well with the physiology of a dog that was bred to withstand temperatures of 40 below in Alaska.  So I definitely understand how they feel.

In any case some relief  for the TGIF crowd is in order. So enjoy the video of the dancing pig.  I found him on YouTube and thought he was kind of cute and something fun after a long hot week.

© 2010 – Ruthmarie G. Hicks – Freaky Friday – Can pigs dance?  Yes they can!

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