The landmark Bengal Tiger goes up in flames

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One of the famous downtown White Plains restaurants went up in flames today as a fire – which started in the basement spread to engulf the entire restaurant and take out half a block on East Post Road in White Plains NY. The location, just off of Mamaroneck Avenue in the heart of the downtown, complicated matters as smoke engulfed the area with temperatures near triple digits.  The five alarm fire demolished the Bengal Tiger and three other businesses – effectively destroying a half a block of the downtown area.  60 firefighters were from several communities were battling the flames.  The oppressive heat sent 25 fire fighters to the hospital due to smoke inhalation as well as heat exhaustion.  According to City Hall, the cause of the fire is under investigation. Tonight the fire is under control, but not out.  It took over six hours to bring the flames under control. A man hole cover also exploded nearby  complicating matters.  In spite of the proximity the two fires are unrelated. 

Area residents are being asked to conserve water as the fire – though under control – is still not extinguished.

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