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Lockbox BluesMany of you reading this are buyers or sellers and some of you are agents.  For those who are searching for or selling a single family home, this post may have a tad of  mystery surrounding it.  However – all you have to do is picture yourself at a condominum complex with an agent.  The agent is facing a series of 10 seemingly identical lockboxes and needs to fish out three sets of keys in order to show you – the buyer – three units in the same building.  The agent finds the keys – and then takes you on your tour.  Now the rubber hits the road..the agent must return the keys to the proper lock box  – does anyone else see the potential for confusion here?  A few weeks ago I had a showing for a unit in a complex where the tangle of lockboxes was quite a challenge.  Sure enough – an agent contacted me stating that an agent had called her stating that the keys had been accidently “switched” and I could hunt through all the lockboxes to find the right keys, but that she didn’t have “time” to deal with the situation.  This is something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen and happily, I have vound I relatively simple solution…

Recently, I got a listing in a cooperative where there were nine lockboxes.  This time I decided to think outside the box (no pun intended.)  In the past, I’ve put little tags on the keys,  ribbons on the box and on the keys.  But all of these things can – and DO – fall off.  So – I decided to spend a couple of extra $$ for “designer keys.”  Now, if an agent puts the keys to my listing in the wrong box, I can easily find them and “fix” the problem.  No tags or ribbons to fall off  – and none of the other keys are going to look like mine.  It’s a colorful and even “fun” solution to  a dreary problem.

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