Hurricane Earl – The storm that wasn’t – at least for Westchester NY

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September 3, 2010
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September 5, 2010

Everyone was bracing for the worst:

Westchester residents were very girding themselves for the strong possibility of a major tropical storm or the remote possibility of a level one hurricane.  After the “hurricane without a name” earlier in the year which downed trees and disrupted power throughout the area – Westchester was bracing itself.   Last March there were many left without power for over a week. Trees were downed and the live wires were everywhere.  Our area had little  appetite for more of the same.   Mamaroneck NY – which includes Larchmont Village – being on the Long Island Sound was reight in the cross-hairs.

But Earl made only a token appearance:

But yesterday – I was showing property near the harbor in Mamaroneck just as the big storm was supposed to hit and be at its peak.  After the showings were over I went down to the harbor and took a few photos.  The clouds had that ominous look of a pending storm, but all was quiet.  The water was calm and the trees were so still they looked like stage props.  The amount of rain produced would barely fill a teaspoon.  Happily – Westchester dodged a bullet this Labor Day weekend -freeing us to enjoy this last blast of summer.

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