The Tuckahoe Trolley… A great idea who’s time has come – once again

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September 21, 2010
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September 26, 2010

The Tuckahoe Trolley2Today I found myself in Bronxville, I had a client there the other day and realized that I had precious few photos – so I decided to take an hour or so to  walk the town, take in the sun and the vibe of the town – and gather some pictures along the way.

While taking photos  by the train station I saw – for the first time – the Tuckahoe Trolley…

pull up and let off a couple of passengers.  Of course, I have never seen the Tuckahoe Trolley before – that service had been discontinued 75 years ago – long before I was walking the planet.   The Trolley was   put back into service in order to provide a shot in the arm to local businesses and to provide transportation for those who wish to leave the car behind – or alternately – for those who choose to live sans car.  It looked like something out of a time warp…complete with wood moldings and many other trappings of a bygone era.  But rest assured the best of the old is combined with the best of the new – the fuel is strictly of the low emissions variety.  In this topsy-turvy world of recession -rising energy prices and global warming – everything old is new again.


The Trolley was launched on August 13 with Chairman David Pope of the Generoso Pope Foundation Tuckahoe Mayor John Fitzpatrick and State Senator Jeff Klein. The Trolley will operate in Eastchester, Tuckahoe, and Bronxville and the service is complementary.  The upfront cost was handled by David Pope and Senator Klein is providing a grant to cover most of that cost.  The Village of Tuckahoe will pay for the insurance and maintenance of the car.   This is a fine example of private foundations and government working for the good of the community and small business.

At present the Trolley operates on Friday and Saturday only and makes the following stops:

Picture 2

This was pulled off the Village Web Site – Follow this link for updates….

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