Eagle Eye in Sleepy Hollow NY – Fotos on the Fly….

Irvington Train
The Metro-North Commute for Lower Westchester – Focus on the New Haven Line
January 9, 2011
Irvington Train - Hudson Line
The Metro North Commute for Lower Westchester – Focus on the Harlem Line
January 17, 2011

A Sleepy Hollow NY resident surveys the land from his perch in the trees…

Late this afternoon I was able to get Jade and Tundra to the dog park in Kingsland Point Park of Sleepy Hollow.  Even though no one was there – there was only one other car in the lot – I had the sense that I was not alone.  I starting looking around and then I looked up. Something was there…but  It wasn’t a person – it was a very handsome eagle silently perched – watching from his aerial  vantage point.  I could  feel his eyes.  He was watching, waiting, biding his time.  He seemed aware of me, but not the least alarmed. I was hoping he would stay still for a photo-op.  He waited politely while I got out the camera and attached the telephoto lens in the freezing cold.  I was able to get a few pictures, but at that distance only one turned out.  Oh yeah – that guy was watching me – his piercing look captured in a lucky shot.  Photo-op finished – he soared away into the late afternoon sky.

The Eye of an Eagle – Up Close and Personal:

I lost some resolution on this but it gives a better picture of the “look” he was giving me….

Eagle Eye - Sleepy Hollow NY - Kingsland Point Park

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