Why does my buyers agent keep pushing me towards one of the first homes I saw….?

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This is a question that was asked by a friend of mine shopping for a home in another state.  He was asking me because I had no interest in the sale and was wondering if his agent was pressuring him in order to make a quick sale.


I’ve been working with an agent for a while now and he keeps pushing me back towards one of the first homes  I saw.   Yes, I love that house, but I don’t want to miss out on something that I would truly adore.  He keeps telling  me that the first homes we see are very likely to be  the best.  Why does my agent keep doing this?


Well,   I think the clue is that you said you really love that first house. Your agent just doesn’t want you to miss out on a house you really love.

You see, when client first comes to me I take their criteria and plug it into the MLS and combine it with my working knowledge of the inventory. Instead of teasing the client with a couple of plums, I go right for the money.  I put before my client  the best our entire inventory has to offer right from the start.  By hand-picking the properties closest to the criteria given to me – I hope to avoid wasting the client’s time with properties that won’t fly.

If none of those properties hit the sweet spot – I start to expand the criteria to find more inventory.  So subsequent rounds of showings may tend to meet fewer of the criteria that were initially put before me.  Now its true that new homes come on the market all the time – but since you have gone through the entire existing inventory, the pickings get much slimmer as time goes on.  New listings come on in drips and drabs and it truly is a gamble to think that that terrific house you saw the first time out is going to be there for you in a month or two while you wait for the “perfect home” to come on the market and knock your socks off.

The fact is that sometimes people are mistakenly looking for the “perfect home.”  That animal does not exist.  And often buyers have to lose a home that is as close to ideal as it gets to learn seeking perfection is an exercise in futility.  Your agent was probably trying to spare you that realization.

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