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The Ritz Carlton - White Plains NY 10601
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March 8, 2011
Lighthouse Landing - Sleepy Hollow NY 10591
Fotos on the fly – The Westchester River Walk by Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY
March 13, 2011

Over the past year or so, I have set up numerous web pages for the convenience of buyers and sellers a like.  This information takes time and energy to compile and it is my pleasure to do so.  HOWEVER, a girl has got to eat  and pay the bills.   I’m finding that although my readership has gone way up   over the past year (people seem to be gobbling up the data) registrations to the site have actually declined significantly.   When I found agents were using the site as a source for their clients, I realized I had to call a halt to giving it all away.  So I have very reluctantly decided that with the exception of city-wide or town-wide stats – I will have to require registration for all updates after June 2010.

There will still be gobs of free information for people.  I am starting a mapping feature for those who are not strictly local but are thinking of moving here. This will be absolutely free and will help consumers understand where the towns, villages and cities are located with respect to each other as well as what major roadways run through each area.  There will be a new school section and I will also be adding a lender, contractors and stagers to the mix.  The registration requirement will be limited to  specific market reports that cover highly local market conditions.

I’m sorry I had to take this step – I was very much in the “paying it forward and I will  reap the rewards with loyal clients and happy home buyers and home sellers a plenty!”  But it is not working out that way.    So the price for the latest information from now on will be  YOUR information.  And yes, I will – gently- try to coax you in to using me as your agent when the time comes for you to pull the trigger. There will be several sign in sheets going up throughout the site.  If you don’t want to sign in – feel free to call or email me – or – just use the site as it sits, but you will not be getting the advantage of the valuable updates that I have at my fingertips. Sign in and you get all that great information  – and a great agent besides. (No false modesty here!)

I do not spam your email – and I never, ever sell your information to any other vendor – so you can sign up with complete confidence that your information will remain private.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to request additional information or to set up an appointment so we can explore your listing or purchasing needs. I am easy to reach by phone, text or email. Or, if you just want to continue your search online, the links below will help you get started.

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