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March 27, 2011
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March 30, 2011

Right now I’m suffering from  smart -phone envy. Since my robbery of three weeks ago – I have been sans much of my smart-phone capacity.   The police are holding my sleek new iPhone captive  as “evidence.”  And getting that phone back has become something close to an obsession.  The old phone that a resurrected was not in great shape.  the battery drains fast, but it charges slowly.  The letters aren’t allowing me to type messages.  On a good day I can read my email but can’t answer it.  For a real estate agent spending time on the road – it makes me want to tear my hair.  Horror of horrors – I’m taking the laptop and searching for WiFi to plug into the internet.   I knew things were getting out of hand when I felt insanely jealous of a client receiving and opening an email while I was showing homes.  Its amazing how addicted I have become to a piece of technology that I have only possessed for a little less than three years.

After all – during my lifetime back in dark ages of my youth….

I can remember a time when there were no cell phones.  I know this may sound madly primitive – but when I was growing up the phone came plugged into the wall.  If you wanted to talk to someone, you had to stay where the phone was.  Some people added looooooong cords so they could move around.  Sometimes you would get tangled in a long cord as the cord had a mind of its own and liked to wrap around things – including people, objects and itself.  But we loved our primitive phones and kept them close at hand.  And close at hand they needed to be – because there was no other way to answer the phone – except  to – well – answer it yourself.  Voice Mail?  Don’t even think about it.  If you wanted to know who was calling – you had to answer the phone yourself.

In the 1980s we emerged from the dark ages of phone technology into the light of the late 20th century. By the time I was in college – answering machines using a cassette tape created the phone that could answer itself.   Caller ID was still merely a dream – but – for the first time we didn’t have to actually answer our phones to find out who was calling.  Voila!  The ability to screen your calls became more than merely a dream.  Phones became more mobile as well – with the “cordless  phone.”  Sure it had a long antenna – at least you didn’t spend your phone time tussling with a cord that tripped you, got tangled and was a general annoyance.
Personally,  I sailed into the 90s with nothing more than an answering machine though I added a pocket pager  around 1991.  My first CELL phone was bought c 1996 – a large clunky thing that fit into my bag like a small piece of lead that weighed down my my briefcase almost as much as laptop would today.   This marvel of technology had practically no service anywhere in Westchester NY – but you could get a signal in NYC which is where I was working.  But the bottom line is this:  I actually went through over a quarter of a century of life with NO CELL PHONE.  My God – how did I manage?

Anyway, when I was explaining my plight  to my friend Marie Graham – she mentioned that someone she knew sent her an email from his Blackberry that said at the bottom  “sent from my Crackberry”. I think that pretty much sums it up….

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