Where in Westchester is Greenburgh NY?

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March 30, 2011
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With the myriad towns and villages in Westchester NY  its small  wonder that people in search or Westchester NY real estate  find our “system” of towns, villages, and PO’s a Byzantine mess  of confusion.   When looking for  Westchester county homes for sale,  buyers find that the address does not always match the municipality.

One of the more confusing aspects is towns vs. villages.  The town of Greenburgh NY is actually a rather large town that comprises various  villages and POs.

Greenburgh covers several river towns and also cuts a swath eastward to the central portion of the county.

The Greenburgh Central School District comprises three zip codes and two PO address.

A good portion of the White Plains NY PO is not part of the City of White Plains.  Although adjacent White Plains NY, these areas are not part of that municipality.  This causes a great deal of confusion for buyers.   A large portion of the 10603 zip code and all of the 10607 zip code  are in Greenburgh and are zoned of the Greenburgh Central School district.   The Hartsdale  P.O. is also part of the Greenburgh Central School district.

Map - Town of Greenburgh NY

Edgemont NY:

The famous Edgemont schools are often mistakenly confused with Scarsdale.   This is not surprising since the  PO address is Scarsdale and it shares the famous Scarsdale zip code (10583).   However, Edgemont is another Greenburgh P.O.

Elmsford  NY:

Elmsford is also part of Greenburgh and has its own school district. The zip code for Elmsford is


Ardsley NY:

A village within the town of Greenburgh with its own school district.  The zip code is 10502

Tarrytown NY - Westchester River WalkHastings-on-Hudson NY:

A river town on the southern tip of Greenburgh  which abuts Yonkers – has its own school district and a zip code of 10706.

Dobbs Ferry NY:

Dobbs Ferry  NY is a  river town just north of Hastings-on-Hudson with its own school district.  The zip code is 10522.

Irvington NY:

The next river town up the line is Irvington Ny – once again it has its own school district. The zip code is 10533.

Tarrytown NY:

The northern most river town in Greenburgh  – it is pictured together in green on the map with Sleepy Hollow  its “sister village.”  Sleepy Hollow is actually in the town of Mt. Pleasant.  Nevertheless both Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown share a school district.  They also share the 10591 zip code.

As if this isn’t confusing enough the boundaries are not black and white.  You need to know what you are buying.  For example, there are portions of Tarrytown NY that are actually in Elmsford – even though they have a Tarrytown address and the 10591 zip code.


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