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Featured Listing – 4-20 Beech Lane – Tarrytown NY – Offered at $1,799,000
April 1, 2011
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Top 10 Reasons You Should Just Change THe #@(% Carpet Already
April 7, 2011

Meet Marie Graham – Stager (and Decorator)  Extraordinaire… Whether you are thinking of moving – or planning to stay a long while – Marie’s advice and hints can help turn an awkward space into the favorite nook of your home.  Staged homes are almost required in this tricky housing market, but people think that its going to cost a fortune so they resist having the work done by a professional.  Marie proves that  it doesn’t have to break the bank  to be effective and refreshing.  Marie’s site The Refreshed Home is also a wonderful resource for homeowners.

With her permission, I will be featuring some of her posts on this site.  So whether you are looking to move soon or simply want to enjoy your space more – enjoy this series of articles.

Here is  a brief biography  re-posted from Marie’s site:

intuitive design solutions for real spaces, real lives

When you and your home are ready for change…the refreshed home is your partner. No matter the size or nature of your project, you will be happy with the process, as well as the results.

Is your life in transition?
Find options for the way you live now. Need a home-office, space for an aging parent, someone to help rework or simplify your surroundings? Show us your space…we’ll make it happen.

Making real estate decisions?
Discover the potential of your property. Our home Staging services will make the most your resources and circumstances. Realtors note: As part of your team, we facilitate smooth communication and a successful result.

Need help with finishes?
Sprucing up, or doing some renovations, and need help coordinating the paint colors, countertop, floor and other surface finishes? Together we can pull it all together, quickly and confidentially.

How about help with the finishing touches?
Still need lamps, or the right window treatment?  Haven’t found a carpet you love, or anything to put on the walls? Let’s zero in on the details and complete those projects you started. It will be fun, and you’ll save time and money along the way.

Let’s talk about your home.

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