Fotos On the Fly – White Plains NY – Gathering Storm

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May 5, 2011
Dusk on the River Walk - Tappan Zee Bridge - Tarrytown 10591
Fotos on the Fly – Tarrytown NY – Dusk on the River Walk
May 8, 2011

The jet stream has created some particularly volatile weather in our region over the past several years.  Watching storm clouds gather has almost become a hobby.  This was taken about a week ago in the Gedney Farms neighborhood of White Plains NY.  It was in the wake of all of the dangerous tornadoes that hit the south.  There were some isolated tornado warnings in New Jersey – which is rare at any time – although we do get some in the summer around June.  The sky was ominous enough for me to question whether or not I should be out.  The eerie contrast between the bright spring colors and the dark gray sky prompted me to stop for a photo op!  The clouds hung so low that I could almost imagine a funnel cloud forming.  But I had things to do for my clients.  Perhaps I should have listened to my gut.  The the storm did break I could not see three feet in front of me and had to pull off the road.


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