The Peonies are Blooming at the Rockefeller Preserve – Sleepy Hollow NY

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Each year around this time, people come from miles around to see the blooming of the Peonies at the Rockefeller preserve.  Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001,  Yatsuka Cho, a town in Simane Prefecture, Japan offered a gift of over 500 peonies to the United States as a healing memorial.  It was also a gesture of solidarity and support from a former enemy of the United States who less than 60 years ago were locked in combat with us during World War II. The peony is considered to Japan’s most noble of flowers  and is the “signature flower” for the region. The Rockefeller Preserve accepted the gift and renovated the entrance to the Preserve in order to accommodate the peonies.

This year when we go to the Rockefeller Preserve to admire the monument and see the awe inspiring site of 500 peonies plants all in bloom at the same time, we should remember the ongoing tragedy of Japan as they recover from a devastating natural disaster.



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