Rosedale Pharmacy – 1215 Mamaroneck Ave – White Plains NY

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Being a long time resident of the south end of White Plains NY, I would be the first to admit that there is not a lot of commerce going on the area.  One thing you won’t find at that end of town is Big-Box anything.  However, residents of the area do have access to a variety of services and handful of stores.  These are of the Mom & Pop variety where service is king.

Rosedale Pharmacy is near and dear to my heart.  Why?  Because they handled the often conflicting prescriptions that my father had to deal with during his three year battle with stage 4 cancer.  The diagnosis had come as a shock – but even more shocking were the insurance issues  – which were massive and all the medications he suddenly was dependent on.   Every pharmacist there took great care to make sure there were no conflicts, they helped me by letting me know when he was about to fall into the dreaded “donut hole” and they worked out numerous conflicts with his insurance  – a medicare HMO that had its own agenda.   CVS and Walgreens is fine if you are not truly ill -but Rosedale went above and beyond, keeping tabs on things.

They also sell household items – even green cleaning items such as the popular “Method” products.  They have a large variety of naturopathic items and vitamins and cosmetics.  You can also stop by for some quick photocopies. The store is old-fashioned. Nothing slick, nothing fancy.

Hours:  M-F 8 AM – 6 PM and Sat.  9 AM – 5 PM
Phone:  948-4818


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