Fotos on the Fly – Tarrytown NY River Walk in Spring

Jade & Tundra - Siberian Huskies in snow
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May 16, 2011
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May 19, 2011

There are times when the light is just right and the blooms are at their peak.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  But then again – The Tarrytown NY Rivere walk provides  me with a terrific subject.  If I took bad pictures with all that going for me – I should just stop taking photos altogether.   In any case, Jade, Tundra and I decided to take a walk along the River Walk around 6:00 PM  about 10 days ago.  People were out.  There was plenty of activity  – and who can blame them?   Some areas just lend themselves to gatherings.  This is one of them. Whether fishing, strolling, walking the dogs or reading on a bench – people can’t help but congregate in such a wonderful outdoor “room.”  And if you live at Hudson Harbor – this is truly your back yard.



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