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Last night I decided to spend some quality time at Coffee Labs on Main Street in Tarrytown NY. after dinner.  It is often a very nice place to relax, grab some bandwidth and enjoy the live music that is offered on Friday and Saturday nights.  I arrived fairly late because I had gone out to dinner with friends, but the band was still playing.  They were from the Lagond  Music School located in Elmsford NY.  The performers were all very young to my middle-aged eyes and the quality of the music was excellent.

The Lagond Music School is a not-for-profit school dedicated to music education and performance. They teach contemporary music with the same rigor that is generally ascribed to classical training.  The focus is definitely contemporary with jazz, Latin, funk and rock listed as primary categories of study.  I studied music when I was in college and my late mother was a professional cabaret singer who sang her way through 28 countries.  I was very impressed by the performance.   This was not your typical high school or even college group.  It was polished in a manner that is rarely seen in contemporary groups.  If you go to their website you can see their calendar with an impressive lineup of public performances for their students.

Also – remember Coffee labs for an amazing cup of coffee.  They also have a wonderful assortment of teas and other drinks such as smoothies for the summer months ahead.

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