Listing your home for sale – a picture is really worth 1000 words….

Larchmont Village Home - Larchmont NY
Making an offer to purchase a home…working with the market…
May 28, 2011
Jade - the Siberian Husky
My Sidekick on the Road – Jade…
June 2, 2011

When listing your Westchester NY home for sale –  choosing a good  listing agent is critical.  One issue that you should consider in the selection is what kind of photographs they put into the MLS.  Seriously, I am often shocked at what many agents seem to think is an acceptable presentation.  Buyers are pouring over public facing versions of the MLS.  Most will cherry pick the homes with the best photos and discard the rest.  With many homes for sale at this time, the process of elimination begins on line. Poor photography means fewer showings and less offers.  Its really that simple.

Photos should be warm – inviting and should include neighborhood photos so that buyers that are not purely local can get a feel for the area before even getting in their car.

Exteriors need to have curb appeal.  I took these three pictures in Larchmont NY.  One was of a house (not my listing) and the other two give the feel of the area immediately surrounding the home. Make no mistake – when listing your home a picture really is worth 1000 words…


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