Larchmont NY Memorial Park Concerts – Mondays at 7 PM

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July 12, 2011
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July 16, 2011

One of the nice things about living in Westchester NY is that every town and village  has its own events and unique character that all Westchester residents can enjoy.  Larchmont NY Homes are very popular because of all that the village has to offer.     This summer Larchmont’s Memorial Park is hosting concerts at 7 PM every Monday from July 11 – August 1.    Granted the first concert has already passed us by – but there are three more:

July 18 – A Night of R&B with Reunion
July 25,  Caribbean Rock & Roll with Twist of Fate
August 1 – Woodstock Here We Come with Back To The Garden 1969

It is this type of community event which makes Larchmont a wonderful place to live.   Memorial Park is just half a block from the wonderful Westchester cooperatives and  condos on North Chatsworth Avenue and Washington Square.   I always look upon the area as the Sound Shore answer to Garth Road in Scarsdale. Just steps from train and town the amenities are just as nice – if not better. An express stop – Larchmont is just 35 minutes to Manhattan.

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