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July 14, 2011
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July 17, 2011

The other day I was in Tarrytown in the late afternoon  and as I was  looking up at at the Tappan Zee Bridge I  saw the long snaking trail of cars and trucks at a dead standstill.  I could  feel their misery.  They were on a bridge that spans about 3 miles traveling so slowly that might as well be going in reverse.  With no  way out  the drivers are burning gasoline, inhaling fumes and wasting their most valuable commodity on on earth – TIME.  All on a hot summer day.   Been there, done that many times myself.

But this brought to my feeble mind one of the biggest cliches in real estate. May sound trite, but it is all too true .

“Real estate is location, location, location!”

So when people ask me why Westchester real estate (particularly in lower Westchester)  is so expensive, I will simply point to the picture above that I took with my zoom lens.  This is the commute faced by many in Rockland and Orange counties  – every single day!  Yes, you can get far more house for the money there – but will you be able to enjoy it?  And at what cost in terms of time, gasoline and general commuting expense – not to mention the frustration and fatigue that must confront even the most patient of people doing this on a daily basis.

Why haven’t Westchester  Home Prcies tanked like the rest of the country?

Once again – let’s look at this picture.  That shot was taken on an ordinary Wednesdayafternoon around 4 PM.  It’s a conga line of pure misery and it only gets worse after 5 PM. Given the fact that the single biggest employment hub is Manhattan with a second market in the White Plains corridor – people  living outside of the major mass transit routes  live in chronic state of commuter hell.  The area is surrounded by water creating natural bottlenecks that can’t be easily overcome.

Metro-North offers easy access to Manhattan in about 30 minutes from most points in lower Westchester. Our major arteries can also get you from point A to point B very quickly.

So that is why parts of lower Westchester are actually edging back up in price. That’s why they never lost  the 50% that some first time buyers have been waiting for. Don’t wait for the impossible – if you are a first time buyer you have already won the housing lottery! The question is no longer about whether you will get a good deal – in this market getting a good deal is like fishing in a barrel, its hard to go wrong.   The question is whether you will squander the opportunity in the endless quest for “more”.

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