Birds of a Feather – Seagulls on the Hudson River

The Science Barge - Yonkers NY
The Science Barge – Yonkers Waterfront – 99 Dock Street – Yonkers NY
July 17, 2011
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July 22, 2011
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Yonkers NY Waterfront

Yonkers NY Waterfront - People At Play....

Last Friday, I made a few new friends.  Not of the human variety – my new pals had feathers and seemed to enjoy  spending their time time soaring above the Hudson River near the Yonkers NY waterfront.

I don’t spend that much time down there so I was surprised at the number of seagulls that  had made themselves at home in this location.   They were  perched along the River Walk – Kings of all they survey.  They graciously allow us land-locked bipeds to share their  habitat with them.  And a couple of them obliged me by posing for a photo shoot.   The little guy below was particularly generous with his time.  He posed for shot after shot.  When he finally flew away, I promised I would pick a photo that showed off his best side…I hope his nest has a high-speed connection and that he approves  of the shot.

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